Thursday, December 5, 2013

Santa Baby

I've been an awfully good girl! I want a lot but really ...
In all reality though, Christmas lists are always a challenge for me. More than likely because I'm so impatient, if I see something I want I end up buying it for myself because there is no way in the world I can wait until Christmas for said item! That would require patience and well, we've already discussed that.

But, items I've been eyeballing that if I don't buy before Christmas include:

  1. Dot flannel puffer vest | Gap
  2. Yustina Bootie | Piperlime - Lucky Brand
  3. "Kencott" Patch Pocket Quilted Coat | Nordstrom - Burberry
  4. Tuscany Urn | Frontgate 
  5. Ashworth Jewelry Armoire - Rubbed Black | Pier One Imports
There you have it, some of my current Christmas wishes. Hope I've been nice and not naughty ;)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bright Eyes

My newest love: Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener
I use the Luminous 2 light/yellow and I am now OBSESSED. It gives my sometimes tired mommy eyes just a little bit of POP and makes me feel all ZINNNGGGG.

I put it in the corner of my eyes to give them a little somethin' and feel all purdy. If you're looking for a little somethin' extra for your eyes, I'd recommend giving this bad boy a shot!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gee, Thanks.

Thanks for this weekend. Thanks for beautiful weather to round out the holiday. Thanks for the bountiful amount of family time. Thanks for pounds of food that I have gluttonously consumed over the past few days. Thank you for the endless snuggle sessions with little man that hubs and I have squeezed into these extended days. Thanks for safe travels while visiting our family. Thanks for the adorable giggles, screams, coos and smiles that my baby boy is learning everyday. Thanks for my husband's tiger paws that perfectly envelop my tiny hands and keep them warm while walking along the blistery cold streets of Chicago. Thanks for my new Zara coat to keep me warm and sorta cute for the remainder of the winter. Thanks for my hundreds of tiny lights that adorn my new landscaping and Christmas tree to make the season extra merry and bright. Thanks for Italian sweet cream in my coffee. Thanks for shellac and the beauty it brings to dry pale hands in the winter. Thanks for a working furnace that keeps my babies warm. Thanks for food in my pantry. Thanks for letting me know what it feels like to be loved. Thanks for the opportunities I have been given. Thanks for my education. Thanks for my wiener puppy. Thanks for pretty shoes on my feet. Thanks for my parents and their wisdom. Thanks for in laws and extended family. Thanks for copious amounts of friends. Thanks for home decor and the delight it brings me. Thanks for strollers, without their existence I fear my arms would have fallen off. So, therefore, Thanks for my arms, and legs and other extremities. Thanks for clean water. Thanks for beautiful landscapes. Thanks for the four seasons (weather, not the hotel). Thanks for chapstick. Thanks for chocolate. Thanks for boots. Thanks for Kung Fu Girl. Thanks for entertainment. Thanks for laughter. Thank you for health. Thank You for family. Thanks for making me realize just now, that if I continue to list everything I am thankful for we may be here until next Thanksgiving (or perhaps Thanksgiving circa 2056). Gahh, Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU.
The obligatory "I'm Thankful" post didn't make it up on Turkey day, but it needed to make it up. So Sunday night is going to have to do. Thanksgiving.  The one day of the year where those of us who are lucky enough gather with our loved ones and celebrate.  Celebrate family. Celebrate life, health and happiness. Simply celebrate a reason to celebrate.
I once read "It is not happy people that are thankful. It is thankful people that are happy", and I could not agree more. It is so easy, and I know I often get caught up in it. In all of it. That I forget to take a step back, gain a little perspective and realize just how much I honestly have to be thankful for. It's truthfully overwhelming when I take some quiet time and really think about everything I have to be thankful for. Golly Goodness. What a blessed life. Whew.  I'm grateful.  And tonight before I lay my head on my pillow, in my bed, in my cozy home, surrounded by my healthy family I will snuggle extra tight, I say thanks to Him for all of said items and so much more. Thank You Lord for all You have given me. More than any girl deserves.
Thank You.