Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I love cozy.

Cozy. During the winter months is there a better word to imagine yourself as (well aside from maybe sunkissed) other than "cozy"?
  • I'm snuggled up in my cozy blanket.
  • We're cozied up in the basement.
  • Spending today cozying up by the fire.
  • Warm and cozy with my coffee mug.
  • You can find me lounging in my bed wearing cozy sweatpants.
You catching my cozy drift?! ;) Well, frigid cold temperatures have once again made their way to the bluegrass and BUB and I keep trying to find any and all ways to be COZY!.

Cozy with coffee: CHECK thanks to this sweet coffee wrap.
Cozy with warm jammies: CHECK thanks to Grace and Lace.
Cozy with comfy baby cuddles: CHECK thanks to Kickee Pants blankets.
And finally, soon to be Cozy with this adorable little sweatshirt I just ordered myself: CHECK thanks to Groop Dealz 

Sending cozy thoughts your way!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Recipe Monday: Pasta Salad Woes

Okay, do ya'll remember when I shared my unhealthy love for Ruby Tuesday's pasta salad? I was bound and determined to find a recipe that could give me my fix at home, but just an update we're on about recipe 7 and still haven't nailed it. 

Basically, anytime I can find an excuse to take another stab at the recipe I pounce on the idea. So forewarning to my friends and family, you're probably going to have some version of this salad for the next 2 years until I feel certain that I have cracked the code. 

That being said I made another version of the infamous pasta salad for a couples shower and I felt pretty good about the outcome. Definitely not solid enough to end the quest, but heading in a good direction. So here we go ...

Creamy Ham and Pea Pasta Salad

  • 1 box rotini pasta
  • 1/2 cup ranch dressing
  • 3/4 cup  mayonnaise
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • 1/2 teaspoon seasoning salt
  • 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 8 ounces diced ham
  • 1 cup frozen green peas, defrosted
  • 1/4 cup chopped green bell pepper
  • Cook the pasta according to package directions ... about 9 minutes until al dente
  • Drain pasta and rinse with cold water. Place in large mixing bowl. 
  • Whisk the ranch dressing, sour cream, mayonnaise, seasoning salt and pepper. 
  • I forgot the sour cream, so for me that got added later. I was also using a 1/4 measuring cup, so that's what it's heaping.
  • Toss the dressing with the pasta and then gently stir in the ham, peas and bell pepper. 
  • Taste and add more seasoning salt or pepper, if needed. 
  • Refrigerate several hours or overnight.
So there is attempt number 7.  Until my next try. Enjoy!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Confessional Friday

It's Friday and I need a confession session.

  1. I confess ... my parents are on their annual world tour having a blast traveling all over the world and I feel lost. It's so crazy how I spent a large portion of my entire youth trying to scheme up ways to prove my "independence" my need and yearning for being distant ... and now that I am older the only thing I want is for my mom or dad to show up, bring me some lunch and hang with the babe on this chilly Friday. I don't know if that's normal as you get older, or if it's simply something I want because I know I can't have it right now? Either way: Today, I confess ... I miss my mom and dad.
  2. I confess ... hubs and I are gearing up for our first couples trip 'sans babe' in less than 12 days and the mix of emotions I'm feeling is bizarre. I am STOKED to head out on a vacation and "date" my husband like old times ... spend a few days being "old-Katie" and frolicking without a care in the world ... but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't terrified to leave the little booger (even though I know he's in the best hands possible with his grandparents). I'd also be lying if I didn't tell you I was an emotional wreck thinking about being that far away from him or worrying I'm going to miss something and I'm already feeling anxiety nearly 2 weeks before we leave. Geesh, parenting worry is REAL.
  3. I confess ... we'll be headed to a bucket list destination of mine ... SONOMA CALIFORNIA ... so I plan to let the wine tastings, wine tours and beautiful scenery be my therapy of helping me through being away from little man while I get to spend the days playing with my husband and good friends.
  4. I confess ... I am soooo ready for Scandal to come back on TV ... so ready in fact that I Googled Olivia Pope's wine glass and ordered a few of those beauties so I'd be more than prepared while watching :)
  5. I confess ... while on the topic of TV, hubs and I are on a Sons of Anarchy marathon. We just wrapped season 2 and are heading into season 3 .... WOAH. Just woah. I confess I am kind of glad the weather is supposed to be horrid this weekend so we have an excuse to watch.
  6. I confess ... the boat and RV show is in Louisville this weekend and hubs and I will be in attendance tomorrow or Sunday. We're planning to check out cool stuff for little man to take to the lake this summer. Annnndd I may be lying if I didn't confess that I've already been thinking about Bennett's first birthday and perhaps mingling the lake, little man, Independence Day and a smash cake all into the mix. Give me a break it's only 5 months away..... 
Confessions.  Sometimes it feels good to share ;) Have a good weekend loves!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bennett: Months 5 and 6!

Oh well haaaaayyyyy. Fancy seeing you here!

Remember me? That long lost gal who used to share things with those that were so near and dear to her blog heart?  Well......... I'm still here. Just took a little time off for the holidays. Or at least that's how I'm justifying a month and half post drought. Good news ... I'm back. So, let's jump right in shall we?  

So, what's been happening you ask? A lot. A lot has been happening. Starting with the fact that my child is now over half a year old. 

That's right, 6.5 months old. Say whaaaaa??? Crazy sauce. 
Since I've totally been slacking and these holiday months have been a jumbled mess I'm going to co-mingle this post as well. I did actually take pictures on time .. so that part really is up to date. I was just a little EXTRA lackadaisical about getting them posted.  
Well Little BUB, here's what is happening.

How big are you?
  • 5 months
    • Apparently babies don't have 5 month appointments (or at our doc's office they don't) ... they go from 4 to 6 months .... so I really don't know how big you were last month ... sorry bout that ... 
  • And ... as for your 6 month check up ... your appointments are scheduled at the end of the month so we won't get percentiles until the 20th ... but I can make a decent guess and will update it later
    • Height: you were 27.25 inches (95th percentile) at 4 mo ... I'd bet you've grown about .25 inches
    • Weight: you were14.5lbs 14oz (25th percentile)... at the kidney doc appt last week you were 15lb 14oz
    • Head: 42.5 inches (50th percentile) ... I'd imagine this is around the same
What's your temperament?
  • To say you're showing us all sorts of personality is probably a bit of an understatement.  And although you can't talk (actual words that is ... you're saying plenty of other things) ... you've got an opinion and you let us know pretty quickly if you like it or you don't :)
  • Continuing to find your voice, and Boy, OH BOY, do you make it known that you have one. You actually love to scream (a cute one, promise), and we laugh hysterically. 
  • At month 4 we said you'd learned how to fake cough and we swore you were doing it just to get a rise out of people. Month 5 confirmed these suspicions. Coughing means "look at me", "pay attention to me", "notice meeeee" :) it's adorable and makes everyone laugh. On our trip to Steamboat with the family fake coughing was general means of communication for anyone thanks to you!
  • Your smiles and giggles are still the best part of our day. Daddy and I are always trying to find new ways to make you laugh. You continue to be extremely ticklish under your ribs. Your giggle is insanely awesome. I mean, AHHWWWE-SUMMMMM. As are you.
  • In regards to your giggle ... you're starting to make yourself giggle which is so fun to watch. Maggie makes you laugh too. For whatever reason you find it HYSTERICAL when she sneezes. Poor Maggie ... we try to make her sneeze just to make you laugh. She's a good sport about it though :)
  • Let's talk talking again ... you're starting to do this lip smacking deal ... kind of a ma-ma-ma ... those noises aren't coming along with it...but my heart believes that's what is happening
How much are you eating?
  • Feeding, whew buddy, this has totally changed!  You're eating all kinds of foods!  It makes feeding time SO much more messy and infinitely more fun. And you absolutely love it!  You're starting to open up your mouth so wide, and airplane noises are your fave!
  • We're working on trying to get you to hold your own bottle, but no luck thus far ... even though everyone once in a while you get a good grip!
  • So far you've had Bananas, Pears, Apples, Green Beans and Avocado (we mix it with a good about of oatmeal to make it a little thicker and you seem to like that better). We give you almost a full container with cereal mix at every feeding plus 4 oz of formula about 4 times a day. And then you get 3 7-8 oz bottles every day: one in the morning, one midday and one before bedtime. You're still eating every 3 hours ... and sometimes we can stretch you a little longer to 3.5-4 hours in between 
  • After your 4 month check-up we changed you from Similac advanced to Enfamil Gentlease to try and help with your spitting and a little bit of reflux. Holy amazing. You're a new kid. Amen Enfamil! Amen!
What are you sporting?
  • You've moved on up to number 3 diapers, still Pampers people and they seem to keep you extra happy. We mix both swaddlers and cruisers ...but we've managed without that blue line ;)
  • And at nighttime you're sleeping in baby dry diapers. You have an uncanny ability to SOAK a diaper at night and the baby dry keep you extra comfy at nighttime so it doesn't wake you up because you feel so yucky
  • Avent paci's when you want one. But they're not a big time play for you unless you're having a rough time falling to sleep. 
  • You're rocking some basically 6 month attire. But honestly you're wearing a lot of 9 month sleepers and what not because you're so daggone tall! Momma's big boy!
  • This month you started rocking more "outfits" than just onesies and what not. You've sported some jeans, some cords, some vests ... you're just so dapper!
How are you sleeping?
  • Still pretty amazing compared to other little tykes I've heard of.
  • Sleeping schedule is about the same. Bath, bottle then bedtime between 8:30-9 and you're up and at em between 7 and 8 am
  • Your naps are still somewhat unpredictable. Your two morning naps are for sure. You're up for about 45 minutes after each feeding and then back down. Other than that you take at least a little catnap between each feeding, but no set pattern.
    • Your best and longest nap is after your morning feeding - we can usually get at least an hour, sometimes 2 out of you.
    • Before this nap is also one of our favorite times with you. Right before daddy goes to work and after you've had your morning bottle you are the SWEETEST little munchkin in all the land.
  • Nighttime sleeper extraordinaire 
    • Still sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT! 
    • Still loving your Halo Sleep Sack .. that way you feel somewhat swaddled, but your little arms are free.
Bennett Likes and Dislikes:

  • Likes:
    • Tummy time --- if you can still call it that. You're all over the place. Army crawling left and right. It's rare to find you just "chilling" on your tummy.
    • Your jumperoo and your walker!
    • Mirrors! You love looking at yourself and watching you giggle and get excited in the mirror is hours of endless entertainment!
    • Your highchair! You've decided you don't LOVE the bumbo but you'll deal with it. Instead you'd rather be in the highchair .. so that's where you sit ;)
    • BATH TIME.  You LOVVVEE bath time. And your bath time toys! 
    • Anyone talking or singing to you, you're such a social little butterfly!
    • Toys, you're starting to really see and want to play with things and put them directly in your mouth :) too fun. You've got a favorite teething ring without a doubt and we just found this fancy high chair attachment that's keeping you extra occupied! Yay.
    • Grabbing hair {OUCH!} ... you always get handfuls.
    • Your hands, fists and FEET. They are constantly finding their way into your mouth ... can't keep em out!
  • Dislikes: 
    • Being held like a baby. Ha, I know that sounds silly, but you want to be upright.
    • Your car seat, when you've been in there for too long you are NOT happy.
    • Shots.  No bueno.
    • You're starting to get a little more particular about who holds you, but I don't mind because I'm one of the ones you're okay with ;)
Fun moments, favorite notes, Bennett quirks & Milestones:
  • We're working on trying to get you say your first words. We constantly try to coax you to say ma-ma, da-da, hiiiii, and bye-bye. You've recently mastered da-da-da especially when you're exhausted. And you have probably no idea what it means, but you say it! Now just learn that "m" sound little mister!
  • You had multiple play dates with your cousins. You guys are still learning the meaning of a "good" picture, but that was sweet of you to take the liberty of trying to console a crying twin.
  • You experienced your first snow! Promise you loved it ;)
  • You're officially on watch at all times. You're fast too! I can't quite call it "crawling" like up on all fours crawling (but you're starting to sort of grasp the concept). But you are army crawling with the best of them!
  • And you're starting to pull up! Baahhhh! Life as we know it is almost over. Pulling up leads to walking. Time to baby-proof the house ... STAT.
  • You experienced your first holiday travels, we spent Thanksgiving in Chicago with Daddy's side of the family. And you met all of your Illinois fam for the first time!
  • YOU MET SANTA! Your first Christmas was a whirlwind and having you with us made the holiday of so fun!

    - You spent early December with Mommy's side of the family and all of your baby cousins
    - We went to Christmas Eve Mass with Daddy's family
    - We had Christmas Eve Dinner with Mommy's family

    - Opened up way too many prezzies!  - And wrapped it up with Christmas Brunch with Daddy's family! 
  • You flew for the first time to spend a few days in the mountains! We traveled to Steamboat Spring, Colorado and you were such a champ. The time change had a teensy effect on you, but other than that you were awesome. Mommy and Daddy got some much needed playtime on the slopes and you spent your days with Grandma cozied up at the lodge! So many great memories!
  • Capturing your smiles via camera is still a personal challenge of mine and I get wayyy too excited when I get a good one - here's my favorite this month. I love it. Also taken in Steamboat. You're such a ham.
    We rang in the new year as a happy little fam. Complete with a Mimi's blueberry muffin at midnight (my how times have changed) and full disclosure .. these photos were staged hours before the ball actually dropped.  You were sawing logs by the time midnight rolled around ;) But my oh my you looked handsome in that little tuxedo!
All in all, we're just soaking up every inch of you being a baby and needing us so very much, because as you continue to grow we know these days are fleeting. We are so excited to watch you grow, but ugh I wish time would slow down sometimes and we could live everyday like a Saturday when our whole family is holed up in the house and we just giggle and chill. You're the perfect little guy!

Our favorite little man. The best addition ... and you're keeping it interesting teaching us that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, caught ya trying to sneak some wine you little monkey man. Hehehe.