Friday, March 13, 2015

CATSville Baby!

Ya'll it's moving weekend and things are not panning out the way we hoped. I'll update you on that later, but simply put ... it's been a cluster.

More importantly though ... my favorite team and big blue nation are taking over my new city and it's making the hardwood floor headache seem a little better. It's March Madness baby and my Cats just beat Florida for the THIRD time this season. WHOOOOP. Clinching the first round of the SEC tournament.

In case you were wondering. That means we're 32-0. Awwwwwwwe C-A-T-S!  Love them boys. 

Have a great weekend ya'll. And tune in tomorrow at 1:00 CT for the second round of the tourney. What's your favorite color baby?!?!?! BLUE AND WHITE!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mike, Mike, Mike ...

Woohoo!!  We've got a whirlwind couple of days in front of us, but so happy it's finally here!  Pardon my absence while I attempt to take my entire life and move it from one state to the next. I hope to check back in real soon (as soon as we get TV and internet, which I hope is very soon for both the sake of my job and my child's Mickey addiction) with some house & life updates. Until then, have a great rest of the week!

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Friday, March 6, 2015


It's Friday, it's Friday, it's FRI-YAYYYYYYYYYY!  Ya'll it's a big day around here, and I am squealing with excitement for a number of reasons.

We closed on our Louisville home today. This is so bittersweet, because we LOVE that house, LOVE Louisville, LOVE our friends, LOVE our family ... just so much LOVE there. It is home to the most amazing memories + where we officially became a family with a little one.  But, we've written those pages and the time has come to close that chapter it is time to move on to the next ... and we are ready! We will always look back on that home and those days in Owl Creek with so much joy and happiness. I hope the family that is moving in fills that house with as many bright smiles as we did. Sigh.

With every end comes a new beginning and closing on one home means... YOU GUESSED IT! ... CLOSING ON ANOTHER! Our new home in Tennessee, EEEEEK!  We close on Thursday and that makes me one happy gal. We are over the moon happy. I can't even explain it. (And obviously we like a style ... because our old home and our new home look eerily similar now that I see them side by side! Ha! ... And just because I thought I'd tell ya ... The garage doors are no longer white ... they're a dark brown :) )  Woot woot!  So excited to move in and get settled!

It's the start to a great weekend! We're headed out tomorrow to find a new washer and dryer for our NEW home ... and for some reason I'm looking so forward to it!  I think I'm just ready to have my things again, and get started fresh in our new place.  I am torn between whether I'm going to stick with my front loaders or switch back to a top loader. Any suggestions?

Sunday, Hubby and I have a hott date lined up!  I've mentioned before, our pride in our hometown band, Houndmouth ... and this weekend they are playing a show in Nashville and Mr. Shane and I will be singing along!  It's going to be the perfect way to celebrate all of the fabulousness we've been blessed with lately. "Saturday Night Kinda Pink" ... my current fave :) 

And last but not least, we were hit with another batch of snow madness, and I am so hoping this was the last little trick mother nature had up her sleeve. This final snow (I hope) means we're so close to SPING! We made the most of it however with blanket forts, snowball fights, and ice cream!  An excellent send off to a memorable winter. 

I mean for real. These guys ... sheesh. I just love em!

Children and the the amazement in their eyes, when it snows. I wish I could bottle that up. So much happy.

Come on spring! We're all rooting for you! Have a great weekend gang ... we'll just be happy dancing away down here :)
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