Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pampering the Perfect Little Prince

Guys, this past weekend was one of those where I would love to hit the rewind button and do all over again. It was such a great weekend and made my heart happy. Let's just host a #TakeMeBackTuesday and pretend it's a thing shall we?

We headed back to Kentucky this weekend to have a weekend jam packed with family and friends and it was perfect. Friday, my mom kept B for a few hours and I got some grand alone time to drive around and run errands, run in and out of stores and it was just the time I needed. Thanks mama!

Saturday we spent some good QT with PaPaw, GoGo + Grampa at my parent's pool and it was all things great. If ya'll are saying your prayers this weekend throw some in for Shane's dad would ya - he could use em :)

Saturday night, one of my good friends married her College sweetheart and the wedding and performances were on point!  The bride and groom had the most perfect choreographed dance (she was on the dance team at UK - so it was super fitting) + their dad's had an epic father dance off. It was the best night surrounded by long time friends and naturally, Lana was stunning!

And Sunday, Holly and I had the pleasure of hosting one of my bestest friend's baby showers! Laura is due with her first baby (boy) in late August.  In college, she was Cinderella for Halloween + she and her husband Chris (I've talked about them before) have a love affair for Disney - so it only made sense to make her our queen and celebrate baby Prince Charlie! 

Quinn bought Laura this amazing flower crown and it was the perfect addition to the perfect day!

A day filled with lots of gifts, goodies, girlies, giggles and love. We cannot wait to meet you little Charlie, and your mama is a stunner!

Snickerdoodle cake .. gimme more.

While some of our gals had to battle "the wedding flu" the next morning, we all rallied and it worked so well because so many of our favorites were in town for the wedding! Hey Emily and Leah :)

We played a cute little "Wishes for the Prince" game ... and reading through them at the end was such a highlight :)

These gals have my heart.

They still have it in color too ;) {pictured left to right: Holly, JoAnna, Jessica, Sara, Leah, Laura, Moi, Baili, Quinn, Rachael}

And the hosts with our gal ... we love her so! The babies in our bellies (mine + Laura's) are destined to be besties. Best friends raising best friends ... I LOVE it!

So again, can we have a do-over of the weekend please? PLEASE! Loved it!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lake Love

Ahhh the lake. We love the lake. I grew up on the lake, and raising my kid(s) on the lake is something that makes me so happy. We're partial to Lake Cumberland in Kentucky obviously because that's where our cabins are located - but any lake will do.

My dad put together an extended family weekend trip with his side of the family and most everyone was able to attend! It was so good to have some easy going days out on the water and basking in the sun and cousin love.

Man oh man, those kids make my heart happy. And I think ya'll already know MaKenzie does too. Don't end summer. We're not ready.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Red, White + BLUE

Can you tell I'm feeling guilty that I haven't posted enough about Bennett and the fact that he's already TWO?! Gosh, where did the time go? Am I going to say this every year? Will I ever get used to my baby(s) growing up?  Does it get easier? Do they always consume your every waking thought? Will I be prepared when they are finally ready to flee the nest?

Whew, okay - putting the pregnancy hormones at bay and going to talk about our Independence Day and belated USA bday for our sweet Bennett boy. We had originally planned to head to the lake for the 4th, as we've done in years past. But, the weather this year was SO BLAH and we'd just gotten back from vacation, so we decided to stay home and have a more low key holiday.

Before the big Nashville firework show however, we owed Bennett a proper birthday gift and knew just where to take him: THE PET STORE!
No puppies, no kittens, but a simple little fish that he could put in his room, get excited about saying hi to in the morning and name all on his own :)

Making fishies home ...
 Adding rocks...

Adding our fishy ... "BLUE" ... Bennett appropriately named him :) And chose the name all his own. Such a smart little fella!

"Wow Daddy!  Wook at Bewe!" (look at blue!)

Happy Birthday Bennett, and welcome to the family Blue!
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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bohemian Birthday

Our entire family took a recent trip to the Abacos - An Island cluster in the Bahamas. We celebrated Bennett's birthday, summer and family. It's always better in the Bahamas!

We went bone fishing and wore matching shirts, because duh.
 My older brother and his wifey.
 Feeding the birdies.
 Throwing rocks and looking for fishies on the dock.
 Being adorable.
 Being more adorable.
 Ugh, and adorable again.
 Sigh ... adorable.
 Being pregnant with baby moon.
 Being a family of three on one of our final vacations before the baby arrives.
 Loving on the little we're anxiously awaiting.
 My cousin and his wifey.
 Eating our birthday cupcakes before they bake.
 And decorating them after.
 Blowing out our birthday candle.
 And eating our cupcakes after they bake.
 Relishing our two year old!
 Opening prezzies!
 Feeling the love!
Spear fishing for lobster. 
Beachin it ... snaked!
 Smoochin' daddy.
 And loving life!

Really, really loving it!

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