Monday, August 31, 2015

Bennett's First Day!

Okay, I promised a recap and then I told you I'd stop talking about it. So here it is -- the official first day post :) and then you're off the hook reading about my two day two prep, mommy meltdowns, teacher gifts + final hours!

Here's the little guy .. all ready to go to "skeewwl with his frieeeends!"
We woke little man up and made cinnamon rolls to start his day! While he ate breakfast, I packed his lunch.
Hub and I decided bananas and peanut butter would be a sure bet, and then added some extras so he could pick + nibble. It would be so cool if my kid would eat normal things like sandwiches and what not! But, a picky eater we have, so a picky eater we please.
Then, we got dressed and headed out to take a few snapshots!

 So proud of his back to school board!
This kid. My heart.
Yell 'Yayyyyyy' if you're excited!!!
You think I look cute?!
Happy to report he had a great day + looked adorable doing so! That delicious lunch I spent hours thinking about what to send him ... his update card informed me he ate none of it :) Ha!
However, it does appear he knows his colors and corrected his teacher that his shorts are not red, they are orange! Smart + sassy kid (I wonder where he gets that from?!)!
And he made up an adorable painting that made me very happy. I hung it up the moment we got home!
Thanks for all the support gang, 
We did indeed survive!
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Friday, August 28, 2015

Counting Down to Two O'Clock with Chocolate Chip Cookies

He's off! We dropped little bit off this morning at Mother's Day Out. There were no tears from him, only me (and I think I saw some in his daddy's eyes too, but let's keep that between you and me okay?!). I promise to be in a better state come next week and I will stop sharing all of my soppy over-dramatic mommy-isms with you.  Well, I will share his official back to school pictures and probably a more detailed recap of the day - but then I'm done and moving one. Swear!  I've just gotta make it through today (and every day until May 19th, ha!). Come on 2 o'clock, I need to pick up my baby and hear all about his first day!!!!

While I wait for my little mister, I wanted to share our little treats we brought to Bennett's teachers this morning. I realize this totally makes me "THAT MOM" but I addressed it with Shane before actually doing any of it and he thought it was a nice gesture and gave me his blessing, so these were born - or baked, whatever.

I found this cute little quote, and played with some fonts in Illustrator to create a cute little tag.
Then Bennett and I mixed up some delicious chocolate chip cookies.  I splurged and got the expensive chocolate (mainly for myself) so I went ahead and rolled with the Ghirardelli recipe. I usually make my favorite vanilla pudding chocolate chip cookies, but my crazy brain forgot to buy the pudding ... soooo regular ones will have to suffice!

(I'm snapping a picture and simultaneously telling him "don't even think about putting that in your mouth mister!)
After we mixed em all up - we put them in the oven to bake. Ohhh the anticipation ... mommy are they done yet?!
And once they were all finished baking, of course we had to taste test!  You can't give a gift without ensuring it's delicious!

Chocolate mouth approved.

You've got a little bit on your lip there buddy :)

"Deez yummy cookies mommy" 

Once we could sign off on the finished product, we packed them up (and saved the rest for mommy to eat while she's in the fetal position sobbing today + added one to Bennett's lunch box). Nestling a few of them inside a wide mouth mason jar and adorning them with some pretty twine and our cute little tags.

The perfect way to say we're excited about the year ahead! And, a special thank you to all the teachers of the world, you make the world go round. Thank you, thank you for putting up with our little minions and keeping them safe and loved!

Is it two yet? No? Okay, I guess I'll have another cookie then ...
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Last Day

It happened. The official last day of summer in 2015 in the our household will end in approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes. The little one is already asleep and mommy and daddy are catching up on our end of the day duties (email, picking up the house, laundry, blogging, reading, watching TV, etc).

We head to school tomorrow for Orientation and get to meet Bennett's sweet teachers + see his classroom + meet his other classmates at "get to know you" day. I guess that means tomorrow is really the official last day since class starts Friday, but I'm counting it as today. So by the time you're reading this it will be a whole day later and a whole day closer to dropping him off at his preschool doors (sob, sigh...).

But, on "The Last Day" Bennett and I cleared our schedules (ha!) and officially made zero plans and did nothing but what B wanted to do ALL DAY!  This morning we made cinnamon rolls together and I was tasked with watching them bake while Bennett took a break to watch Mickey Mouse (I think I got the raw end of that deal). But, it gave me some quiet time in the kitchen to flip through a magazine and fight back that stinging feeling that keeps creeping up in my eyes and nose every time I think about how the saying "they days are long but the years are short" is entirely too true.

After we got cleaned up from all of the icing all over our faces, we snuggled on the couch and finished off our coffee + apple juice.  Then we decided it was time to change out of our jammies and into our "real clothes" (ahem, yoga crops + a tank) and head to the SPLASH PAD!  Bennett was so excited and couldn't wait to get his swim diaper on to "jup in da pewl mommy."


 That grin!

Mommy forgot the towel, so Bennett improvised and laid on the warm concrete to warm up. Hehehe.
 And of course we snacked.
 We take snacking VERY seriously.
 And made sure to keep warming up when we were cold.
 And then snacked some more.
 And then headed straight back to the waterfall.

After we'd had all the fun (and snacks) we could stand, we decided to head home. When we were getting in the car Bennett said "had fun today mommy" ... and I cried again. I had fun too today little man. I did too.

Once we got home and were greeted by our lovely little Maggie Moo, we picked out lunch. Bennett opted for a hot dog, apple slices, yogurt + seeds (sunflower seeds - his favorite).  We wrestled over how much he was going to eat (dang snacks) while watching Team UmiZoomi and then finally decided it was time for a nap.

After Bennett's nap it was time to play trains. Play trains, play trains, play trains. Wahoo!  We were in the kitchen "calling grampa" (using my calculator as a phone to pretend call everyone's name he knows) when we heard the garage door open and headed out to meet daddy! "Daddy's HOME!" - the most adorable two words you'll ever hear at 5:30pm.

The weather this week is unseasonably phenomenal, so we drove Bennett's truck and collected acorns from the yard for a good hour before heading in for dinner. After dinner we headed back outside to play baseball, listen to music, drive our cars + jump on the baby trampoline until the sun finally went down. We managed to polish off the last of the chocolate chip cookies too, hehe! And then, we headed upstairs for bath time. We said our prayers and tucked in our little two year old on the last night of summer 2015.
We can't wait to see you again next year summer, and this time as a family of four!  You were good to us and we will always be grateful for your memories!
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