Wednesday, September 17, 2014

peanut butter, baby

The garage door opens, Maggie hears it from the living room, barks, and proceeds to jump off the ottoman in fury to beat Bennett to the door. B sees what's happening, throws his blue milk zippy cup to the ground and stomps his way to the door in his best hurried toddler fashion. Daddy's home!

Hubs walks through the door with his beaming smile and Bennett runs to him, arms raised, to give Daddy the overly anticipated hug a workday deserves.  They snuggle for a minute while Shane exclaims his daily "HI SIR!!!"  After they have properly welcomed one another, it's on to me … a smiley kiss, baby in arms, while I'm chopping some vegetables for dinner. It's potato soup tonight.

Hubs and I converse about our day:  He had a short drive to Indiana to hit up a few new spots and an afternoon meeting to try and get on tap at a swanky hotel bar downtown. I proceed to explain that Bennett avoided naps like the plague today and has learned nap time is much more fun to instead, throw every single item in his crib over the rails and proceed to say "Uh Oh!" until mommy returns.  I give in, as he knows I will, "Fiiiine, come back downstairs and play."  Pretty average day around these parts folks.

From stirring vegetables, pureeing potatoes, and picking a toddler up every 5 minutes to show him what is happening on the counter, I almost forget the rolls. "Shane, could you please go snag those for me in the garage?" … typical: he can't find them and brings me the wrong item. Try again, please.

By now, the small boy is ravenous and cannot handle one more minute of not being involved in cooking dinner or helping his daddy try a new competitor's beer … it's time to wrangle him in. The soup is almost complete, just need to add the parsley and a few chopped pieces of bacon and ham.  This is surely something Baby B can handle.

Proceed to explain that parsley is green, celery is also green, carrots are orange, potatoes are white and now back to parsley. Let's add it buddy. Explain how to shake and pour it in the pot, help him the first few times. Then brace yourself and give him the glass container to allow him to try himself … he succeeds at shaking and manages to get out PLENTY of the parsley herbs, much to your surprise. But, he fails at actually landing them in the pot. And rather is much more successful at aiming them to scatter about the floor, inside your shirt, and mixed thoroughly in your ponytail. Uhm, hubs … a little help here?

Now, plate dinner. And make something extra special quickly that includes fruit in hopes your toddler will eat tonight. Yea, better go ahead and add the go-gurt as well as the cheese, just in case he prefers one over the other … at least he will get some dairy (although you suspect he won't each much of anything).

Dinner is good, although next time you'll probably add less carrots … there are a little too many for potato soup you decide. It's also becoming more and more clear you suspicions were correct … boy is not eating much of anything. Time for plan B: peanut butter.

You and hubs giggle at the fact your parenting is slowly falling in line with everything you said you'd never do … but sigh and do it anyways. You also slyly smile and can't blame the young tot for his affinity for peanut butter … you didn't really give him much of an option seeing how much you ate while you were pregnant.

You proceed to hand him the spoon with a fresh lump straight from the jar, and quickly turn back to one another to try and finish the story. Much to your horror however, when you turn back around just as you'd expect you are once again reminded of the power of a nearly 15 month old and their will to make a mess. You quickly run to the office to grab your camera, this is one that must be documented.
You snap a few photos, and head straight to your computer. You must blog this before you forget. You've got a big weekend ahead filled with lots of family time for Grandpa Virnis' funeral along with a planned birthday trip to Chicago to enjoy the city; along with more family time at the ALS Walk for Uncle Bob at Soldier Field.
You smile and think, life is short. Sometimes it's tough and terribly sad, but being able to see the sunshine peeking through the clouds is what it's all about.
And, if you ask Bennett … finding new ways to balance a spoon between your teeth is half the battle too. Keep moving forward, and be the ray of sunshine you were meant to be.

And so it comes to a close, another beautiful, messy, crazy day :)

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Three Birthdays One Party

The beautiful little girlies had much to celebrate and I just had to share the details with you. Their mama is one talented lady ya'll … and one of my favorite mommies (and she herself just celebrated a big birthday September 6th! Happy Belated muh lady!).

The most precious little gift bags for all of the kiddos!
 And the most delicious cupcakes and adorable spread.
 Not to mention, she found a way to make a balloon cuter. Who knew that was possible?
 The obligatory one year mantle photos. Always a crowd favorite.
 And these precious high-chair banners.
 Oh well hey, there's one of those precious little ladies.
 And two more!
 Oh, and another!
 And I'm seeing double.
 Now triple! :)
 Now cake time!
 Bahahaa. That's one way to eat cake!
 I couldn't love these ladies more (and that little fella .. well, I think we all know how I feel about him).

Friday, September 12, 2014

Life Lately {Photo Dump}

I couldn't handle it anymore. That little red circle with number one inside floating in the righthand corner of my app icon can no longer be ignored. Therefore, I must update my software on both my iPhone and my computer and that entails hooking up the ole' phone to the computer which in turn leads to syncing and and a walk down recent memory lane. Plus, it's nearly fall .. so I really need to purge the overload of summer photos.

Sidenote: does anyone else loathe updating their software as much as I do? I have no idea why, but I absolutely hate it and put it off for months at a time. I have an internal fear it's going to delete everything I have and I won't like it, so I avoid it at all costs … or well at least until I'm annoyed enough by said icon.

Annnnnd here we are. Rambling about annoying little red icons. So let's just share some photos shall we? Here's a little bit of what's been happening round here.

We like to make sure we tell daddy to have a good day at work.
And drive extra safe. 
 And take selfies with our besties before heading to an impromptu concert post gals night dinners.
 And finish our pool days with bomb pops.
 And head to All About Kids gymnastics class when it rains.
 And go to music festivals that our friends do and stuff. Holly's in the middle. She's kind of a big deal when it comes to Forecastle.
 And seek out fun Chi O things at said music festivals.
 And sing as loud as you can with your hubby because it's fun pretending your 18 again.
 But then be smacked back into reality when your little one comes down with a nasty virus that's name is almost as bad as it really is: Hand Foot and Mouth disease.  So you take him to the doctor and are told it is only contagious to children.
 But a 103.5 fever and cold chills so bad they make you walk outside on the porch to lay in the 100 degree heat because you too have the virus.
 And then boom, you're all better and you eat ice cream and stuff.
 And read books naked of course.
 And prepare colorful toddler meals because you have no idea what he will actually agree to eat that day.
 And then take him to the pool and pray it wears him out so he naps extra long and you can finally get some work done.
 And then take family selfies.
 And thank your heavens this little dude came into your life.
 And celebrate the birth of a close family friends new baby: Julia!
 And snuggle her newborness.
 And ride a horsey.
 And play with our neighbors!
 And celebrate something major that is happening { THE PGA } .
And there you have it, life lately round hurrr. Later tater.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Violets are Purple

Roses are red, violets are blue ... I'm the luckiest gal that you're my you.

But, now that I actually think about it, violets are actually purple ... and well, nothing rhymes with purple.

Cheers to YOU, Mr. Shane. My guy, my fellow, my hubby.  Last year I wrote this sweet post ... buuuut obviously this year wine seemed more appropriate ... so for those of you new to class, feel free to catch up here.

Happy Anniversary to us. We deserve some wine!

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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Last Time

Having a baby is no joke. Having a toddler is no joke. And I'm sure having a fully developed walking talking child/tween/teen/adult is no joke either. Lord help me when this toddler is a larger child. I imagine he'll be jumping off the tallest thing he can find, seeing as how he's already managed to teach himself to climb on the coffee table and living room furniture when I'm not looking.
This madness makes you laugh, sometimes it can make you cry and there are certainly days where I am at my wits end. Days where there is nothing to do but laugh and verbally say out loud "WHAT IS MY LIFE"?!  Days where I yearn to be that care-free college gal who wakes up at noon to roll out of bed in my sorority gear, head to lunch with all my gal pals and then take a nap at three, simply because all of that girly gossip at lunch made me tired. Nights when all I want to do is go to the movies, sit in a chair and eat overly buttered popcorn until my belly aches. Mornings when all I want to do is sit outside with a cup of warm coffee and enjoy the sound of silence. Hours where I want to jump in my car and stop at Kroger and Target, get everything I need without having to have a checklist because there are too many things on my mind, or a kiddo tossing out half the items before I can even get them IN! There are those days, those hours of course. They come, they go, sometimes they stay too long.

I'd been having a couple of those days back to back ... I think it had to do with hubs being out of town a little too often, toddler sleep regression which equals zero sleep for this lady, some personal anguish about some big girl decisions that I need to make, too many traumatic toddler tantrums of wanting to pull out every single ziploc bag and scatter Maggie's food all over the kitchen (the picture below was taken after I found the madness, cleaned it up and closed the pantry doors ... he wasn't happy I wouldn't allow him to keep doing it) and just general frustrations with work while wrangling a toddler at home. It all came to a head recently and I was nearly at my breaking point when I landed on a poem: The Last Time.
Do you ever have days or times where you feel like everything REALLY does happen for a reason?  Well, I do .. I'm a firm believer and call me a wacko - but this poem really hit home. Baby B isn't even close to some of these last times, and if we're blessed God-willing there will be at least one if not more Baby B's in the future. But for some reason this snapped me back. It took me away from my computer for a few days and really made me take a close look at my little human.

He's small. He needs me. He WANTS to be with me. And I am beyond privileged enough to be able to spend these days with him. So, I took a mental note to myself: breathe mama, breathe. These moments are fleeting. Let him be your baby and cherish it. There is time for work, there are things that need to be done, but let him be little and be with him. Be present. This is my job now, and when you're able: do it 100% - just the way you would anything you sign your name to. For now he is your greatest work, a work in progress. Make it count ... until The Last Time.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Babies and Bengals

In honor of the long anticipated NFL season kickoff tonight ... here's a little Throwback Thursday action of our NFL adventures.

We took little man to the first Bengals game this year and crossed our fingers he wouldn't be as terrified as he was last year by the loud noises the crowd brings. Hard to believe how much has changed since last season.

When Bennett was born he was gifted an AJ Green jersey by one of Shane's college roommates\fraternity brother.
A couple months later he sported it for his first appearance at Paul Brown Stadium.
And here we are today, one year later with a much larger boy that finally fills out that adorable little AJ Green jersey.

 It's gonna be a good season. I can feel it! WHO DEY BABY!