Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays

Hi everyone :) I'm checking in today from up north - at my Grandmother's house in Ohio. She's asked that I set her up to receive my blogs on her email, so we're testing it out to make sure we've entered all of her information correctly.

Listening to my mom and her sisters in the next room makes my heart happy. And BONUS: our little Lainey is meeting her great grandmother, Elaine, for the first time. It's been a really special day - as this is whom she is named after. Happy Happy.

While we're testing it out I thought I would pop in and say hey. I hope everyone has had a very Merry Merry Christmas and everyone has a Happy New Year! We've taken picture after picture this holiday season and I can't wait to share recaps with everyone of all of our fun family escapades! We're truly blessed!

Talk soon!

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Monday, December 21, 2015

2015 Christmas Card

Christmas Cards give me all the feels. The warm, the fuzzy, the jolly, the happy, the giggly - All of them. I love turning on Christmas music and stuffing envelopes to send to our loved ones near and far. And I LOVE the month of December when we go to the mailbox and see HANDWRITTEN addresses mixed in with our normal bills and local ads. It makes me all giddy inside.

Last year I briefed you on all of our cards from Christmas past. And here is our glitzy and girly Christmas/Baby Announcement card for 2016!  We love it. And her. And him.

Merry Christmas to all, with love: Shane, Katie, Bennett, Lainey + Maggie
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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Life Lately

Hey Gang. Aside from the usual song and dance of pretending like I have life mastered + parenting two young children (ahem, I don't ... like at all) our world seems to continually spin off the planet. Technical "maternity leave" ends in two short weeks and I'm over here like say whhhaaaaat?  That means this "new" life is technically now a month and a half old and I'm still scratching my head as to how I managed to lose yet ANOTHER pacifier and what the over/under is on how many times I'll have to recite a version of Humpty Dumpty today.

But by the grace of God both children are napping at the moment - AT THE SAME TIME! - can I get an Amen!??! So I wanted to share a quick post on what's been happening in our life lately.

First and foremost, we need to all collectively say a quick prayer and thank you to the man upstairs for his blessing to allow us more time with our dear Sissy. She had a heart attack last week, and we're still scratching our heads as to how in the world this happened (and that I managed to lose several pacifiers in the midst of packing up our house during that terrifying trip back to Louisville)!  She is thankfully out of the hospital and back home resting and rehabbing her way back to her old self and we wish her the happiest and quickest of recoveries!  Hug your loved ones tight my friends - times like these always have a way of shining a floodlight directly on to the things that are TRULY important and we are so very thankful this one turned out okay! We love you Sissy!
Speaking of the big Man and His divine plan, we've been gearing up for His birthday! And we're so excited to celebrate! We're heading back to Kentucky for Christmas this year and are so excited to introduce our newest little to everyone and spend some time with family. Here's what we've been doing while we wait for the birthday party :)

Since I'm still breastfeeding, we occasionally have to feed the baby while we're out and about for the day. So it's incredibly normal for Bennett to "drive" while little Lainey Lou eats :)
 And having a little sister ain't so bad when people drop off really cool "congrats on being a big bro" presents. Thank you Andrea, Bennett has yet to stop playing with this - seriously he loves it! 
 And little miss has gotten some sweet "welcome home" gifts too!
 We love our friends. And miss my gals!
This Nashville weather has been CRAZY train. So we've had to get creative with using up all of our energy ... and when you can't find rainboots ... cowboy boots do the trick! 
 And Bennett's really into "da moooovies" and popcorn obviously needs to be present as well.
 We bundled up and headed to Franklin for Caroling and the lighting of the tree. But littler mister was NOT a fan of the Grinch ... "he's keepy (creepy)".
 And Maggie, well ... Maggie is here too!
 Lainey just hangs out ... basically anywhere.
 Bennett's kicking booty and taking names at Soccer practice.
 And admiring the floats + bands at the Nashville Christmas parade.
 And we're always keeping an eye on that crazy elf, CoCo!
 And thanks Aunt Toby for the awesome lawn decorations/Christmas lights. Christmas dachshunds?!!!? We couldn't love them more.
 And heading around to all of the Christmas villages is starting to be so much fun!
 And what's that?! Another medal?! Sports all-star.
 And having staring contests with this little beauty. She always wins.
 And when it's 72 degrees in December where you live ... the locals make their own snow at Winterfest. And toddlers LOVE it.
 Really, really love it.
 Lainey on the other hand could take it or leave it. As long as she gets to sleep.
 And well, speaking of sleep ...
 And the joy of Christmas lights. Cheekwood had an awesome display this year. Complete with S'mores firepits + yummy cocktails. Yes please.
 They were all really yummy. Not that we would know or anything ...
 And I mean ... geeze. Love yous.
 And in the morning ... Lainey likes a good photobomb.
 And Bennett likes a good candy cane.
 And I'm just like ... IS IT TIME FOR A GLASS OF WINE?!
 And then Daddy is forced to "get in the castle" ... and he's like "can I get a beer?!"
 But then this happens. I sit in the back seat to feed the littlest a bottle and the biggest one wants to hold my hand. And I sigh, and think how in the world did I get so lucky to be these kiddo's mama?!
And that's life lately. God is good.
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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Letters to Santa

The Holidays are in full swing around here and we couldn't be more excited. With family a little further away this year, it feels somewhat strange to be missing out on some holiday parties and the comforting lights and smells of "home". But, we're excited to make new memories and get acquainted with Christmas in our new city.

We're filling our days with making fun gifts to take back to Kentucky with us + writing letters to Santa at the North Pole so he can be sure he gets Bennett all of his favorite things!
We found these adorable little Peanuts letter packets at the post office last week and spent an afternoon putting it all together. Bennett was so excited to send a letter to Santa!
 First, he colored him a Merry Christmas picture (crayons and picture provided in packet). And made sure to use every color in a precise spot and then pointed and showed me where he put every color.
 So proud of his artwork!
 Then we filled out his list and made promises to leave cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. This year some favorites on Bennett's list include:

  • Apple Juice
  • A ball
  • Candy corn pumpkins
  • Monster Trucks
  • Humpty Dumpty
I wrote down everything exactly as he asked for it, God love him. Our child wants Santa to bring him apple juice he loves it so much. Bless his heart. He's the sweetest. 

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Another First ... Babies + Bottles

And just like that, another first has come and gone (latergram post from 11.22.15). There will be many more bottles to be had I'm sure. But that first one, especially from your daddy, is something special. I'm currently breastfeeding little miss, but knew I'd be having a few glasses of wine on Turkey Day so we gave her a bottle of breast milk a few days before Thanksgiving to see how she'd do. 

And of course, just like her big brother - she rocked the bottle. And wanted more please :) 
Okay, let's see if I remember how to do this ...
Yeaaaaa, there it is!
Just like that! Perfect.
Probably to Bennett, "Look buddy, Lainey's drinking her first bottle!"
And Bennett's like, "Guys who cares, I'm watching Goldie + Bear and eating a Popsicle!"
This guy + lazy Sunday afternoons <3
And his little girl <3
And all my love.
Forever and always.

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