Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dirty Little Secrets

A few weekends back Penny and I took le' baby to Cincinnati to visit with family and we made a pit stop to see baby bro on our way.  
Before I get started I feel as though I need to mention, although I'm not sure it's truly a secret ... there is not one single day in the past 5 years that for just 1 second I haven't wished I was still in college.  Don't get me wrong, I love where I am in life right now, but college for this gal hung the moon. In a big way. My friends and I did it right and I will FOREVER cherish those four years. 

Like all things in life however, with the good comes the bad ... but looking back I feel like I automatically forget anything bad and it's completely overshadowed by good when it comes to college. It's all bliss. 

BUT ... it took a flight of stairs and three steps into baby bro's apartment for me to remember some of those "not so great" dirty little college life nuggets. 

Exhibit A: That moment after a long night when everyone in your house completely forgets garbage cans exist. In addition, beverages are considered gold, and if you made poor choices at your morning speedway stop and ran out of your diet coke and Gatorade too soon, you were SOL. You can also be sure your roommate was NOT sharing. It was in this moment I was for the first time thankful for my dual operating trash and recycling cans that luckily hubs and I have a habit of using. I also pictured our garage beverage fridge with gleaming light shining down from the heavens to highlight it's glory.

Exhibit B: The dreaded dishes. Although dishes never truly get better and you never WANT to do them, there is something about college and roommates that makes dishes terribly despicable. More than likely everyone has that one roommate that NEVER does the dishes, regardless of the fact that 80% of the items in the sink are theirs. Moreover, after a long night and perhaps a pregame .. the stench that comes from that sink along with the fruit flies that stay around for the next week is enough to make me gag while typing this. Que thankful moment for my empty sink at home and my fancy dishwasher that is constantly going. Whew!
Exhibit C: Communal bathrooms. Barf. Vomit. Kill me dead. ARE YOU SERIOUS!? From memories of common dorm showers to mixing drinks near the frat house sinks ... Oh. Em. Gee. Do I even need to share my thankfulness sentiments on the fact these days are behind me regarding this topic? Didn't think so.
Exhibit D:  The messy roommate. The getting ready with 45 girls in a sorority house, swapping clothes and then trying to find the ones you loaned later (although I do miss all those options).  The waiting until nearly every item of your wardrobe was dirty or worn twice to do your laundry. Or worse, having to pile up all of your clothes in a mesh bag and drive home to do your laundry. Ugh. Thank you front load washer and dryer that runs almost daily. Thank you.
Welp, there you have it. DIRTY little secrets inside college living. Dirty.

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