Thursday, December 5, 2013

Santa Baby

I've been an awfully good girl! I want a lot but really ...
In all reality though, Christmas lists are always a challenge for me. More than likely because I'm so impatient, if I see something I want I end up buying it for myself because there is no way in the world I can wait until Christmas for said item! That would require patience and well, we've already discussed that.

But, items I've been eyeballing that if I don't buy before Christmas include:

  1. Dot flannel puffer vest | Gap
  2. Yustina Bootie | Piperlime - Lucky Brand
  3. "Kencott" Patch Pocket Quilted Coat | Nordstrom - Burberry
  4. Tuscany Urn | Frontgate 
  5. Ashworth Jewelry Armoire - Rubbed Black | Pier One Imports
There you have it, some of my current Christmas wishes. Hope I've been nice and not naughty ;)

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