Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I love cozy.

Cozy. During the winter months is there a better word to imagine yourself as (well aside from maybe sunkissed) other than "cozy"?
  • I'm snuggled up in my cozy blanket.
  • We're cozied up in the basement.
  • Spending today cozying up by the fire.
  • Warm and cozy with my coffee mug.
  • You can find me lounging in my bed wearing cozy sweatpants.
You catching my cozy drift?! ;) Well, frigid cold temperatures have once again made their way to the bluegrass and BUB and I keep trying to find any and all ways to be COZY!.

Cozy with coffee: CHECK thanks to this sweet coffee wrap.
Cozy with warm jammies: CHECK thanks to Grace and Lace.
Cozy with comfy baby cuddles: CHECK thanks to Kickee Pants blankets.
And finally, soon to be Cozy with this adorable little sweatshirt I just ordered myself: CHECK thanks to Groop Dealz 

Sending cozy thoughts your way!

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