Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Birthday SDBU!

Whew, quite a lot has changed in such a short time. Just last year I was wishing my hubby and soon to be daddy a happy birthday and celebrating sans baby. This year however, things are a bit different with a little dude running around. And by that I mean, it couldn't be more perfect (aside from the fact that I took pictures and there was no SD card in the camera so I had to retake all of them and the cheesecake is half eaten ... FAIL).

Watching the man you love become a father has been one of my greatest joys to date. I love my husband, like love, love my husband … and have for nearly 8 years (GEEZE, that seems like so long). But seeing how incredibly amazing he is with our son makes me love him even more.

Don't get me wrong -- we've been at it this parenting thing for a little over 10 months and figuring out our "roles" and how we can help each other and who is better at which task took some time, but we're finally getting there.  We've worked our way patiently through it, and his composure, strength, and talents in areas I lack make us the perfect team and more thankful for him in our lives everyday.

Ya'll real life -- when Shane walks in at the end of the day Bennett LIGHTS UP.  BUB grins ear to ear to see his daddy and crawls or walks as fast as he can to give his big daddy hero a hug. My heart bursts at 5:30 everyday. But, don't get me wrong. They're still boys … and all boy. They giggle at each other when they fart … and if there are no real ones they make sure to make the noises with their mouths, which I roll my eyes and continue on. But they are buddies. The best buddies.

My my what big shoes Bennett has to fill one day. He has such an incredible role model in his father to teach him the ropes of life and I feel 100% content in knowing that if Bennett turns out to be half the man his father is, we're doing okay!

We love you Shane. Now, have a good time in Chicago (he's on his buddies bachelor party this weekend … I'm sure he's so sad about having to spend his birthday that way *sarcasm*). Bennett tried his best to get a good picture … but he was so excited he couldn't stop clapping :)

Happy Birthday!!!

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