Sunday, July 20, 2014

Come ONE … Come All

Our Baby Bennett is now officially Toddler Bennett, and we celebrated Circus Style. We invited many of our friends and family and had a circus pool party at Grandma and PaPaw's house. Thank you so much to everyone who joined the fun and giggled as we watched our little guy smash his face into his cake. Happiest Birthday Sweet Boy, we love you!

Here's a little look book of the fun.

Of course we had all kinds of yummy foods … Some menu items included Bennett's BBQ, Mighty Mac 'n' Cheese, Grand Green Beans, Tasty Tater Salad, Fruity Fruit Salad, Delicious Hot Dogs, Popcorn, Salted Peanuts and some other goodies to name a few.

Can we talk about how adorable that banner is?!?! My uber talented pals ..::Quinn and Teddi::.. over at Chevron Clubhouse made it specially for our little guy. And the precious little market stands for the the snacks, I picked up those beauties at IKEA months ago.

We had all kinds of ice cold beverages: Lemonade, Tea, "Clown Cider" for our circus attendees 21+, juice boxes, old school coke bottles, Kung Fu girl (of course) and a selection of brews.

A dessert table that could send you into a much needed sugar detox: Yummy Cupcakes, Lion Tamer Whips (twizzlers), Animal Cookies, Cracker Jacks, Giant Pixie Stix, A smash cake, Candy Bars, Circus Decorated Cookies from our infamous cookie lady and red stripe mints.

We added all kinds of fun colorful decor. I ripped pieces of sale fabric to make the highchair banner, and mom put together the HBD monkey for some yard flare.

We added a slide (BUB's gift from Sissy and Poppy), a Cozy Coupe (BUB's gift from Grandma and PaPaw) along with a ball pit/baby pool and tons of spray sprinklers to give the kiddos a big play area in the yard in addition to the pool.

For a little added fun, Bennett's uncles agreed to make guest appearances as clowns :)

I made little man's outfit myself with some felt and striped ribbon, along with a fancy bowtie I picked up on our recent trip to Charleston. Hehehe. I also added some circus flare and found this cute little elephant top from a local boutique Chartreuse here in Louisville and Hubs wore a little color.  And Maggie, well … we forgot to get Maggie something special so she just wore her normal fur :)

We had many of our extended family members in attendance and it is always so special when they come in town.

The gals … My Grandma, My momma, My Aunt Debbie, and My Aunt Marshee. They're so cute.

 Emmie and Brody of course!

MaKenzie, Steph and gang … Maebyn, Larkyn and Truette. They make my heart smile.

And I have no idea how this happened .. but somehow this photo combined all of the photos and shared them to let us see the group photo right before the smash cake with both sides of the family in attendance. So cool!  And more group shots because it's such a great memory. 

And then for the infamous SMASH CAKE!

Bennett then decided it would be much more fun if all of his buddies joined in the fun!

Annnnnd I think he's done … 

And then, as if the babies hadn't had enough sugar already … we decided they all needed a sucker. And it was time to playyyy! Just for good measure. 

And that's a wrap. First Birthday Part in the books. I'm gonna chalk it up as a success!


  1. THIS!!! I've been waiting for this post!! Love it all. Especially that little toddler in the suspenders who is ONE now. How is that even possible?! Love you the mostest. *~ Noellie

    1. I wish weekends with your little munchkins filled ALL my posts! :)


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