Friday, March 13, 2015

CATSville Baby!

Ya'll it's moving weekend and things are not panning out the way we hoped. I'll update you on that later, but simply put ... it's been a cluster.

More importantly though ... my favorite team and big blue nation are taking over my new city and it's making the hardwood floor headache seem a little better. It's March Madness baby and my Cats just beat Florida for the THIRD time this season. WHOOOOP. Clinching the first round of the SEC tournament.

In case you were wondering. That means we're 32-0. Awwwwwwwe C-A-T-S!  Love them boys. 

Have a great weekend ya'll. And tune in tomorrow at 1:00 CT for the second round of the tourney. What's your favorite color baby?!?!?! BLUE AND WHITE!

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