Thursday, February 25, 2016

Island Time ~ Part 1

Okay gang, I'm going to spare you details. Mainly because if any of my friends are reading this they may actually explode from having to hear this story ONE MORE TIME. But let me just say, me and the lady at the Nashville Post Office that issues passports can be described very easily in two words: NOT FRIENDS.

This little puppy right her caused me more anxiety in the last two weeks than I even knew I was capable of having. Long story short, the lady forgot to include our money order to pay for the passport, did not select expedite on the form (Even thought we made a HUGE deal of this) and took an underexposed picture of Lainey causing her passport to be delayed. Therefore Andrea and I were scheming an overnight trip to Atlanta in hopes of not having to forfeit the trip. This is the epitome of the saying "YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!"

But, all is well that ends well and the passport finally arrived the day before we were to be leaving - so we got to head to the Bahamas to visit PaPaw and GoGo as originally planned! Wahoo!
We spent last Saturday sorting through the kids clothes and preparing for my solo flight with the littles. We quickly learned Bennett grew a lot more than we realized. Note to self, please get your child a new wardrobe prior to springs arrival.
And I panic texted anyone and everyone with advice of what to do. I pride myself of being a well rounded traveler (minus road trips, they're not really my thing), but yet throwing two kids in the mix + solo + international and customs and for some reason I was all over the place! But I stuffed it all in a bag, added a baby carrier and a stroller, grabbed a coffee and lived to talk about it + share a "way too many posts" snapchat story ... so there's that.
Honestly, the kids were kind to me. They had their moments, but I really can't complain. Bennett snacked mostly + played the iPad.
And Lainey slept almost the entire way.
There were some interesting moments that made me get all sweaty, but we survived.

And by the grace of God, on the last flight both kids magically fell asleep and slept the entire night.
We landed in Marsh Harbour and headed straight to lunch at Snappa's.  Unfortunately the Bahamas have had an unseasonable chilly winter this year, so we made good use of our blankets, towles + sweatshirts.

We went to bed early that night and let the kids try to catch some ZZZ's after all the travel and woke up refreshed and excited for vacay! Bennett clearly needs some sunnies.
And then we headed on a walk with GoGo to the end of the docks to throw some rocks.

Bennett led the march.

I'm aware this is the sixth picture I've posted of the same thing. I just love him and this moment was special. 

On our walk back Bennett wanted to stop and take a rest in the various chairs in people's backyards.

We headed to dinner that night at Curly Tails. Lainey had a bottle.
Bennett ate Oreo dessert.
And PaPaw played cars.
Before they watched the sunset together and we called it a day.
Until tomorrow, xoxo ...
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