Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Whole New World

Or well, at least a whole new blog layout ... uhm sort of :)  I wanted to play around a little bit and start getting used to a different style. The old one was getting a bit lackluster if I do say so myself. Even though let's be real, I haven't changed anything aside from moving things from the center to the right and added a few new colors. 

Hey ... baby steps. 

Although I probably should mention this won't stay .. because I already don't like it, but I'm getting tired and I'm too sleepy to change it again. And for my many email followers, you probably won't notice any change at all. So you can stop reading now :)

I'm planning to team up with a bloggy designer sometime soon and do the whole shebang ... but for now subtle changes will fill my constant need for change. I'm currently playing with aligning left vs aligning right or center and various fonts. Riveting, I know.
Thoughts on ways to make it an easier read? And/or layout suggestions?  Okay, well that's a little insight into my wild Saturday night. Muah!


  1. I like the new layout! Its fun to spice it up sometimes.


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