Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Baby Mickey Mouse

Honestly, is there anything cuter than baby costumes? Little people dressed up in adorable outfits, I die.   Halloween is just around the corner and with baby Bennett on hand, choosing a Halloween costume has become such a BIG DEAL!  

Mind you, Halloween is always a big deal in our household and I've talked about it before. But with a baby in the mix ... it's an even BIGGER deal.  I'm so torn with what route to take, but Hubs said last night he wants it to be simple and easy when it comes to Baby B, so I'm thinking some sort of adorable hat should do the trick.  Here are some front runners from my latest Etsy search:

Candy Corn - a fall classic and a Halloween staple. This could would be super simple and I could just throw on a white sleeper so little man is warm.

Mickey Mouse - again, add a white onesie and a black nose and we've got an adorable little mouse.

Cowboy Bennett - I've got a cute pair of fleece cowboy boots and again, add the white onesie and voila.

Scarecrow - I love the little fringe at the bottom of the legs. Again, white onesie and adorbs.
Bennett's first Halloween. Now, granted I will eat all of his candy which will completely wreck my post-baby diet, but his little outfit will make it totally worth it.

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