Saturday, October 19, 2013

Perfect Petite Princesses

Bottom line: I'm embarrassed this post has taken me so long. In all honesty, I haven't posted about it yet, because I wanted to make sure I had ample time to explain and hash everything out. But, I'm realizing my life is and for a long time will be ruled by episodes of short spurts in between naps and feedings, so waiting around for a "good period of time" may never actually come. 
Funny, I'm even complaining about that with my sole child ... as the story I'm about to share with you will blow your mind. 

I know buddy, we were all shocked too.

Okay, so here's the deal. Remember my sweet princess Maebyn being born (wow, sorry for the length of that post back in the day, clearly it needed to be broken up into about 3 ... I was a newbie)? Or perhaps you remember here from this post, where you will also see her preggo momma. Well, she's no longer preggo and she didn't just bring one additional perfect babe to the world, she brought TWO! Two completely perfect, HEALTHY baby girls.
Correct, two absolutely perfect, beyond adorable, petite little princesses. Gah! 


Here's another great note to mention ... Sweet Maebyn turned one year old on her Sunday birthday ... Her sissies? They were born on Monday. 


MaKenzie, you are my hero. Like for serious. And I want to complain about my life being hectic. HA!
I was horrible at documenting the twins story, but lucky for you, their incredible Daddy did all of that work for us. He's got a fabulous stay at home dad blog you should check out sometime. The twins were diagnosed with Twin to Twin Transfusion and much of MaKenzie's pregnancy was in a state of uncertainty, and the outcome of the twins was constantly in question.  Ross and MaKenzie's strength, love and faith throughout the diagnosis was ROCK SOLID. 

They are such a great example to me and everyone, or anyone for that matter who is in need of some inspiration. Or if you're looking for a real life story with a happy ending ... I've found your book.  I truly encourage you to read their story.

And take a moment to gawk (pictured left to right) Maebyn, Larkyn and Truette. A little excerpt in regards to the names, more can be found here:

"When MaKenzie and I were trying to determine the names for the twins, we looked back on what this journey has meant to us and both decided we really wanted to give each girl a name that meant something and held significance, so that they both would remember and never forget what happened even before they were born. The name Larkyn means “to be crowned in victory” and the name Truette (our little “True”) we wanted to represent truth. Together, the girls names tell the story of what we believe it really means to be “crowned in true victory”… a display of God’s direct intervention and healing touch when all else around pointed to an inevitable loss. We wanted their testimony to be shared." 
Sending lots of love to my sister from another mother, and introducing for the first time on my blog ... the most perfect three little sisters you ever did see.


  1. Oh my heart! What a way to send so much love my way. I love the way you wrote this, it made us cry! Love you sister. *~ Noellie


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