Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bennett: 3 Months

Here we go again. He's 3 months old (as of September 28th ... I'm slacking I know). The first quarter of his life is officially complete. 
 Bennett Bernard, here's what is happening.

How big are you?

  • At your last appointment on September 17th you were 11 weeks old. 
    • Height: 24.25 inches (75th percentile)
    • Weight: 11lbs 14oz (25th percentile)
    • Head: 41 inches (50th percentile)
  • Still Long and lean little bubba! Can you teach me how to be that way? :)

What's your temperament?

  • Still showing us all sorts of personality, and starting to become a bit more finicky about your likes and dislikes, including who's holding you.
  • Still loving to be held and being swaddled is sometimes the perfect cure to calming you down. Although you pretty much only like to be held upright now. 
  • Continuing to find your voice. You actually love to scream now, and we laugh hysterically. You've also learned how to cough, and we swear you do it just to get a rise out of people.
  • Your schedule is becoming more and more patterned. You sleep all night, wake up for an hour and back down for at least 1-2 hours. That's something you DO NOT mess with :)
  • Your smiles are still the best part of my day. But you've added giggling to the mix. Daddy and I are always trying to find new ways to make you laugh. Just last night he was telling me a (semi-serious) story at dinner and for whatever reason you thought it was HYSTERICAL. Your giggle is insanely awesome. Gosh, you're cool.

How much are you eating?

  • Feeding amounts keep growing too!  We're now anywhere from 4-6 oz (about every 2.5-3 hours) 
  • Still enjoying your 1oz freak out (even though now we're letting you have 2 oz before even trying and you still FREAK). We still burp you after every ounce or two because you have the tendency to be a spitty baby, and this seems to help. However, you are NOT a happy camper. HATE TO BE BURPED. Your daddy and I refer to it as the First Ounce Freak Out. Whenever will you learn we promise to give the bottle back, we're just trying to help?! :)

What are you sporting?

  • Still rocking number 1 diapers, still Pampers people and they seem to keep you extra happy. Still a big fan of that blue line that let's us know if you're wet or not.
  • Avent paci's for the win. They're in every room of our house.
  • You're rocking 0-3 month or 3 month attire. You've even worn a couple of 6 month items. (this picture however you are wearing a 0-3 month gerber onesie and it is tiiighhhhht)
  • Pants are also making an appearance in your wardrobe. For most of summer you sported only onesies, because it was so hot and that was all you needed. But as fall creeps into the bluegrass we're adding pants. Your khakis are my favorite :) hehe

How are you sleeping?

  • Rockstar sleeper. ROCKSTAR.
  • Your naps are starting to become more sporadic, and seem to be more cat naps than actual sleep sessions now-a-days
    • Your best and longest nap is after your morning feeding - we can usually get at least an hour, sometimes 2 out of you.
    • Before this nap is also one of our favorite times with you. Right before daddy goes to work and after you've had your morning bottle you are the SWEETEST little munchkin in all the land.
  • Nighttime sleeper extraordinaire 
    • You're sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT! Consistently, I might add.
      • About 10-11pm to 7-8am
    • You've learned how to roll over in your Velcro swaddle-me at nighttime and it freaks me and daddy out .. so we're transitioning you to a Halo Sleep Sack .. that way you feel somewhat swaddled, but your little arms are free.

Bennett Likes and Dislikes:

  • Likes:
    • Tummy time 
    • Your jungle gym
    • Baby Einstein YouTube videos
    • BATH TIME.  You LOVVVEE bath time. But you have now learned that getting out is not as fun and you are NOT a happy camper when bath time is over.
    • Anyone talking or singing to you.
    • Being outside. You are enamored with trees.
    • Your hands and fists. They are constantly finding their way into your mouth ... can't keep em out!
    • The Baby Bjorn.  Daddy and I underutilized this in the first few months of your life, but now that you are getting bigger and stronger and can hold your head up a little more you love to ride around and face outward to see everyone. 
  • Dislikes:
    • Being burped - "the first ounce freak out"
      • you are NOT a good burper and you're super pissed feeding time is being interrupted :)
    • Shots.  Regardless of how good they are for you, they're stupid and they make both you and your mommy cry.

Fun moments, favorite notes, Bennett quirks & Milestones:
  • You're officially on watch at all times. You're rolling over from back to front and front to back like it's your job, so you can no longer be left unattended anywhere!
  • We went to our lake house at Cumberland and you joined us for your first boat ride.
  • We ventured to the Kentucky State Fair.
  • You went to Emmie and Brody's Tee-Ball game and told us how excited you were to play one day!
  • Your first Bengals game! WHO DEY BABY! The Bengals brought home the win over the Packers with an end of the game interception. You looked a little thugged out because we had to buy you a fresh beanie on the way up, but you fit in quite well :)
  • We had an overnight adventure to meet your new baby cousins for the first time at Aunt Toby's house!
  • Capturing your smiles via camera is still a personal challenge of mine and I get wayyy too excited when I get a good one - here's my favorite this month. Even though you look like you're a year old thanks to the collared shirt and the appearance you're sitting up on your own. I love it.
  • We went Apple Picking and played at the orchard. 
  • You met your Aunt Debbie and visited her at work at the University of Cincinnati.
  • You visited your Uncle Max and some of his roommates at their gross apartment at Xavier University.

You're sure earning your keep around here little man. Wrapping me further and further around that little finger of yours :) ... 
And wrapping yourself further and further into the blanket we tried to use for pictures today that you were NOT cooperating with ;)


  1. Wow Such a sure baby , I am goona die to hug him Myrnas Journey

  2. Ahh I loved reading this!! How is he 3 months already?! Love you sweet boy <3 *~Noellie Bellie


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