Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ice Cream Cone Head Candy!

A while back I posted about my sweet niece Emmie's 5th birthday party.  I was charged with handling some decor for the Ice Cream themed party and was able to come up with some cutesy decorations thanks to some Pinterest inspiration. And, today I wanted to share my take on the Ice Cream Cone Headband.  

Most of the designs used an actual ice cream cone. And, although I will say that certainly looks more authentic, the reality of a 5 year old (or any youngin' for that matter) not crushing the flimsy waffle cone is a bit far fetched. 

I knew she needed a party hat, even if its sole purpose was to wear it for 5 seconds while blowing out her candles.  And once I saw some ice cream cone headband samples I was set on finding a sturdier alternative.  Challenge accepted!

Supplies needed:
  • Paper Mache cone
  • Any headband
  • Felt
  • Hot glue / gun
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Ribbon
  • Cotton ball or other end piece

Get all of your goodies ready to go!  Any color scheme is accepted and this can be tweaked, embellished, or repurposed for another theme for years to come!

I chose to use 3 layers of felt, because I wanted to mimic 3 melted scoops of the goodness (and because I always want at least 3 scoops). Simply cut the felt in various sized circles and layer them so you can see all of the colors.  I hot glued all of the layers together before I attached them to the headband. To make sure I liked the placement.

Next cut a small rectangle and securely attache the rectangle underneath the headband to the bottom layer of felt.  I wanted mine at an angle, so I attached it more towards the right side.

Now it's time for the cone.  I hot glued the embellishment ribbon prior to attaching the cone to the top layer of felt. 

I left a little additional ribbon at the bottom of the cone, so once I attached the cone to the felt the additional ribbon would cover up any glue that spilled out the sides. Simply hot glue the bottom of the cone to make sure it is secure on the top layer of felt. 

And that's the basics my friends. Now, its time to embellish!  I started by simply adding a glittery cotton ball to the top :)

Next, I added some glittery pipe cleaners to give some extra pizazz.  I simple put small slits in the second layer of felt.  The allowed the folded bottom the pipe cleaner to be easily hid and tucked away, while the top side was ready for swirly fun!  I simply rolled them around a tumbler stray ... a pen/pencil will give you the same effect.

And to finish it off, I added some cute ice cream stickers and a felt #5 for the birthday girl!  

So cute, and so easy! And what kid doesn't love sporting ice cream not only smeared on their face but also on their head?!

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