Thursday, April 3, 2014

Organized Clutter

My friends always tease me that I have entirely too many trinkets and my ability to fill an empty shelf in five seconds flat is a talent to be reckoned with, but until lately I have always shrugged it off. It wasn't until my home became entirely overrun with copious baby items that I realized I'm completely OCD about filling a space. And not just filling it, but filling it first and then accessorizing it, adding a few frills and accessorizing some more. Essentially, I've come to realize my style of decorating is organized clutter ... and it's possible my home will one day be on an episode of Hoarders. However, rather than a 'buried alive' segment, it'd be replaced with 'decorated trenches'.

I can't decide if I love or hate that when it comes down to it there is no better way to explain it other than just that: clutter ... yet organized. Sort of like me: tomboy ... sprinkled with an ounce of chic (or at least that's how I imagine myself anyways).

Nevertheless ... all of this babble brings me to my latest task. I've got about three walls in my home that I've been able to overlook and shuffle existing items around to keep me from going crazy, but always knowing in the back of my mind I want to complete them. Well ... I guess I've hit my being able to overlook them snooze button one too many times and it's now time to take on the task. So, I've begun my search for how I plan to complete the bare walls and I keep coming back to ... organized clutter ;)

Inspiration images include:

The Master Bath (okay, so full disclosure .. this isn't really "inspiration" this is more just the idea ... and I'm doing it. I'm currently in the middle of getting the baby bathtub pictures and I've already got 2 perfect frames. LOVE it) And of course our wall will include 3 pictures ... because of course Baby B has to be up there!
The Basement Wall
I've already got a few items on the wall, and I'm trying to incorporate more (go figure ... more clutter) ... anywhoodles, I think the use of a rod would be a good addition ... simple and cute

I've got a cutesy old shutter that I can't find a place for ... and this is an adorable way to accessorize!

Love the clutter. All of this. The hodge podge. I dig.

I love this idea, the use of an old window pane. Too bad I had the most perfect one ever that made it's way into the junk pile when we were cleaning out the garage last spring. Wommmmp. But, I do love it and you can always find great art to be restored!

The Playroom Wall
How adorable?! Little clips to hang all of the little artwork!

More clips .. this time with individual clip boards, sooo artsy!

And again, so precious.

So, there we have it. My current inspiration for organized clutter. So, while the rest of your are spring cleaning and tossing out old junk ... toss it on over my way and add it to my decor pile, because heaven knows I'll be able to find a place for it!  Now, let's just see how long it takes for me to actually complete these projects shall we?!  Too-dah-loo!

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