Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Everyone, Meet Clifton

No, No, No … we are not having another baby, yet! But, Bennett does have a new friend. In the form of a fluffy, furry, fuzzy, stuffed Monkey!  We had dinner at our local strip mall recently and when we got finished early, we decided to take little man to Build a Bear and spend wayyy too much money on a stuffed animal for an early bday present. Money well spent for the shear fact that we got picture #4 in this series!

First, we picked out our Monkey friend and the sound we wanted him to make (oooo oooo ahhh ahhh)
Then, we headed to give him some good ole' stuffing!
 We watched in awe as he came to life!

We picked out the besets heart to make him super sweet.

And put that sweet heart right inside our new friend to help him come to life!
Then we gave our new friend a big, big hug!

 And a big slobbery kiss to get acquainted.

 Then we kept asking, is he really mine? Oh I love him!

 And then finished off the evening by dancing around the store with him!
Welcome to the family little Clifton. We love you already!

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