Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Life Lately {Photo Dump}

I've been a little absent in blogland lately, and I blame that on my son who has gone from a sweet little cruiser to a full throttle, non stop, bundle of dirty boy energy that I am so busy chasing around I forget there is anything else actually happening in this world. But, don't be fooled. There has been ALOT happening in our world, I've just failed to share.

So let me enlighten you … and reminisce a bit on this spring/beginning of summer because it's rushing by so fast and I fear if I don't share snippets I will forget all together.

We celebrated my daddy-o receiving a huge honor from his alma mater.
We watched my beloved wildcats play in the National Championship! (the money was a bet …we lost … booooooo)

We took a stroll on the FINALLY complete Big Four Bridge.

 We welcomed home my baby brother after his semester abroad.

We celebrated Derby festivities in the Bluegrass. Winefestin' baby.

We made appearances at all of the happening Oaks and Derby parties.  And BUBs beginner's luck paid off - California Chrome baby!

 Bennett got his first piece of mail, and it was the greatest day ever.

 We made funny faces and had snuggle sessions with cousins.

We kicked off wedding season with a bang.

We celebrated my first Momma's day!

And of course, celebrated the Big Guys birthday no not baby Bennett…that's coming way too soon though ;)

Baby Bennett and I took a weekend trip with Grandma to Northern Tennessee

And then the following weekend I took your daddy back to Nashville for a night on the town!
Then we high tailed it out of Music City and headed straight to the lake for a weekend of sunshine and Memorial Day fun with some of our favorite people!

We took a fabulous sunny vacay to Destin, FL with Hub's side of the family.

We toured a pretty sweet place with PaPaw and were amazed by garden entrances and fancy toilets

 We took neighborhood walks and cheered on the swim team.

And oh my sweet heavens, we bought your daddy's college house as a rental. Lord help me to think you may live there one day. Whew!
Now, I need to try and catch my breath … regain my strength … and get ready to take on summer. Sweet summer time, we're ready for you!

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