Monday, August 18, 2014

Googles say whaaat?

I had a good laugh at myself today, and thought you'd enjoy laughing at my expense too. Have you ever taken the time to notice what Google puts in place for you on random searches? Clearly the only thing I use my computer for is baby knowledge, clothing trends and the occasional "am I going to die because my leg hurts" search.

Today, I real-life Googled "when do babies stop wearing onesies"

I was pleased to discover I am not the only mother asking this question. And the answer is around 12 months. WAHHHH. I love the onesie! Don't make it go awayyyyyy. Not yet!

Anways, I was typing in "when do babies" and I just started looking at what Google auto populated and I started laughing because either it is smart enough to know what I am thinking but too embarrassed to ask other people outloud, or other people are just incredibly ignorant and it shares that to make you feel better about yourself. 

So I decided to pass 20 minutes of my time by starting with generic questions just to see what Google could entertain me with. Exhibit A:

This is such a fun game. Why have I never played it before? Anyways, complete waste of your time. Sorry for taking that 5 minutes from you, I can't give it back.

Okay, back to more Google searches work. I've got important things to do ... :)

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