Monday, September 15, 2014

Three Birthdays One Party

The beautiful little girlies had much to celebrate and I just had to share the details with you. Their mama is one talented lady ya'll … and one of my favorite mommies (and she herself just celebrated a big birthday September 6th! Happy Belated muh lady!).

The most precious little gift bags for all of the kiddos!
 And the most delicious cupcakes and adorable spread.
 Not to mention, she found a way to make a balloon cuter. Who knew that was possible?
 The obligatory one year mantle photos. Always a crowd favorite.
 And these precious high-chair banners.
 Oh well hey, there's one of those precious little ladies.
 And two more!
 Oh, and another!
 And I'm seeing double.
 Now triple! :)
 Now cake time!
 Bahahaa. That's one way to eat cake!
 I couldn't love these ladies more (and that little fella .. well, I think we all know how I feel about him).


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  2. Oh i LOVED this!!!! Your pictures were so great! You guys are OUR favorites, thank you for such sweet words and celebrating the big birthdays with us! LOVE YOU!!!! xxxxo. *~ Noellie


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