Thursday, February 12, 2015

Infatuation Inquiry

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Which could mean so many things to so many people. As for Hubs and me … the lead up to the weekend has consisted of LOTS of searching and re-searching for Disney Junior Live! On Tour: Pirate and Princess Adventure tickets in hopes to take little man on a hoot date and for some reason or another, LOTS of trivia that has made for some seriously fun conversation.
Hehehe funny trivia. I bet you tried it. Silly. I'm laughing at you.

In lieu of upcoming dates and need conversation fillers … I thought I would share some of the trivia that's been happening around these parts. Just in case you find yourself in the middle of a situation where you need some conversation fillers. And/or you're like me and Shane and simply have been together for so long, that mindless trivia can just be a fun addition to any date (In the off chance you want to play by yourself … I'll write the answers far enough below so I won't burst your bubble of mentally answering)
  • Random Questions:
      1. What state is Mt. Rushmore in?
      2. What state is most well known for cheese?
      3. Which country would you find the world's longest fence?
      4. Which country has the world's longest coastline?
      5. What river flows both north and south of the equator?
      6. Which country has the most volcanoes?
      7. How many bones are there in an Elephant's trunk?
      8. In which year did Princess Dianna die?
      9. How many dots are there on a pair of dice? (ANSWER QUICK!)
      10. What is the only planet that rotates clockwise?
    • Valentine's Day Related Questions
      1. How many roses will be sold and delivered within a three day time period?
      2. Where are most of the USA's roses imported from for Valentine's Day?
      3. What percentage of women send themselves flowers on Valentine's Day?
      4. How many candy hearts (the NECCO ones with messages on them) are sold between January 1 to February 14?
      5. How many heart shaped boxes of chocolates will be sold for Valentine's Day?
    • Date-y Questions:
      1. What is the other's shoe size? 
      2. In what city was the other born? 
      3. If the other had his or her dream job, what would it be? 
      4. What single word would the other use to describe you? 
      5. Which of the following candies best describes your first kiss? Starburst, Good and Plenty, Hot Tamales, Goobers, Milk Duds, Zero.
    • Random Questions:
      1. South Dakota
      2. Wisconsin
      3. Australia
      4. Canada
      5. The Congo
      6. Indonesia
      7. Zero
      8. 1997
      9. 42
      10. Venus
    • Valentine's Day Related Questionsa
      1. 110 million
      2. South America
      3. 15%
      4. 8 BILLION! 8 BILLION! WHAT?!?!?
      5. 35 Million
    • Date-y Questions:
      1. I obviously can't answer these for your date :) - Have fun!
    Okay chickens enjoy your love-filled weekend. I love you! Muah!
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