Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I Heart You

Ahhh Valentine's Day ... your hearts, your red and pink romantic decor, your endless amounts of love, your oversized teddy bears, your dozen long stemmed roses, you and all your smoochies and I love yous - for those of you in love with someone to share it with, you're such a happy day.

Truth be told, I've never been over the moon about Valentine's Day. I'm one of those "it's so overrated, such a Hallmark holiday, blah blah blah" people. But, I am also a girl ... and therefore expect SOME kind of special attention, even if I say differently (insert winky face emoji). Aside from our fourth (I think) Valentine's Day when Shane booked some super swanky preset dinner menu reservation, at some over priced restaurant downtown (which I enjoyed of course .. just thought it was worth mentioning .. ha), we've kept our Vday's pretty simple. A homemade heart shaped pizza has been our favorite one to date ... maybe we'll reenact that at some point and let our little man make his own too.  But I dunno, to me it's just more fun to make an ordinary day special .. and that's what we've always done.

This year however, I'm looking at Valentine's day in a whole new light ... as a parent!  It's making it really fun. I'm imagining my kid(s) a little older and putting together super cute Valentine packages for them to take to school. And giving them a special little Valentine gift from daddy and me. And maybe even splitting up and letting Daddy take his little princess to dinner (if we ever have a girl) and I'll get to take the boy on a dinner date. It makes me smile picturing it all.

Anyways, before I get ahead of myself, I'm also focusing on fun ways to make it special this year. And by special I simply mean making some fun treats for us to munch on next week. I made these little nuggets a couple of years ago and they were so fun!  I'm so excited to start building traditions with our wee one.  I'm going to let him help me in the kitchen this year, and plan to every year after that (until he has his own little lady to take out one day, sniff, tear, sigh).  But while I've got him all to myself that's just what we'll do. And giggle and make a might mess because, Valentine's Day and toddlers and love. Here are some of my favorite contenders for this year's Valentine treat.
Valentine Treats
How on earth will I ever decide? So many adorable sweet treats!  Maybe I'll just have to make them all ... I'm sure Bennett wouldn't mind having dessert for every meal next week. Ha!

Here are the links if you're interested in check them out yourself. Which one would ya'll pick?
Happy love month to all. Smoochies.

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