Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Todder Talk - Chapter II

These are quickly becoming my favorite posts. Mostly because I'm starting to realize that these phases are so SHORT. Slowww down time, please!  Bennett will say something funny and then in all of two days he's mastered the word and it's already over. Ugh!  But nevertheless, I'm planning to keep as good of a record as I can to remember them much longer than just two days. Life's little moments are so happy.

I mentioned last time in Toddler Talk - Chapter I that I had decided to keep a list of funny Bennett-isms as they unfold. He's saying PLENTY of words, and most of them sound like what they actually are and/or are easily understood. However, others do not :) here are some of our current favorites.

Bennett 19 Month Toddler Talk 

  1. FOCK [n. F*CK]
    • noun
      • Fork
      • a utensil used for eating
    • Examples
      • When we are out to eat and the cutlery is placed on the table, my child has an uncanny ability to scream F*CK at the top of his lungs. It's truly innocent, but this is one I will not be sad to see go (insert emoji monkey covering his eyes here!)
  2. HAPPY [n. HAH-PEE]
    • noun
      • Airplane
      • See also, the most miserable travel duration for Bennett's parents
    • Examples
      • This has transitioned from pippy to happy :) in a short time
  3. HALOCACACA [n. Ha-lo-Cah-Cah-Cah]
    • noun
      • Helicopter
    • Examples
      • This one is Shane's favorite
  4. BIT [pn. BIT]
    • pronoun
      • Bennett
    • Examples
      • What's your name? BIT!
  5. MADDIE [pn. MAD-DEE]
    • noun/Pro-noun
      • Maggie (our dog)
  6. NYE NYE 
    • saying
      • Night Night
    • Examples
      • After Bennett runs from the bathroom complete naked baby style, he gives goodnight kisses and snuggles and makes CERTAIN to tell "Maddie" "Nye Nye"
  7. DOO-DOO [adj.]
    1. To express ones graditude
      1. Thank You!
    2. Examples: If I Give Bennett Milk ... DOO DOO Mama! (he means it nicely, honestly)
  8. HI KEEM [n.]
    1. Ice Cream
  9. CAN-NO [adj.]
    1. CANDY
    2. Examples: Bennett used to request Can (candy) all the time.  We gave in often entirely too much, but also often told him no. Apparently we were telling him no so much when it was requested - he changed the name himself from CAN - to - CANNO. 
  10. MOON [n.]
    1. The baby inside my belly.
    2. Example: After our first Ultrasound, we showed Bennett the picture the tech printed out for us. It full on looked like a baby, so I thought for sure when I showed him and asked him what it was he would respond and say baby. So when I asked him and he looked at me 100% serious and said "Da Moon Mama!" ... like duhhhh. I started cracking up. The baby was in a perfect little crescent shape, and God love him ... it does look like the moon. So Baby U#2 quickly became out little moon. 
I can't wait for Chapter 3, in hopes we can begin to add full sentences :)  
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