Thursday, January 21, 2016

Snow Day!!

Growing up in Southern Indiana/Kentucky I can barely remember a winter without being out of school for at least one snow day a year. It was always one of the most anticipated parts of going back to school for spring semester. So, when we moved to Nashville last year and everyone kept saying how snow days RARELY happened here I couldn't help but feel a little sad for my little ones.  Thinking that they may not know the joy of waking up and thinking you've accidentally overslept only to walk downstairs to a happy mommy baking cinnamon rolls and looking out the windows to see a world of white awaiting your brand new Christmas snow boots made my heart hurt a little.

So, last night when they were calling for winter weather I felt like a little kid again anticipating morning. And when we woke up ... it was just as I imagined. Bewilderment and excitement overtook my little man.
Now granted, it was only a light dusting and really nothing to be super excited about. But down here in the south a light dusting mixed with the ice that had fallen prior is more than enough to shut down the city. And you guessed it ... SNOW DAY!!!  Lucky for us, we got a good snow day last year when we first moved to Nashville AND we've already had one this year too! Wahoo for snow days!

Moreover, this year's snow was also a big one because it was Little Lainey's first snow at 2.5 months old! Bennett had his first snow day in 2014 back in Louisville when he was only 5 months old.

Here's a look at this years. We started out with blanket forts and snacks while baby sister took her morning nap. Little man was in heaven and told me "no gulls awowed mommy! (no girls allowed)" I was just in charge of supplying him with more apple juice and popcorn!
Maggie joined him too because blanket forts are awesome, and he had snacks. Maggie basically hit the toddler jackpot because she now eats every time Bennett does.
And once little miss woke up from her nap we dressed up and headed outside! Preparedness and snow clothes shout out to our big cousin, Brody, and Aunt Jessica for giving us awesome hand-me-downs! Score!
 Everybody's bundled and Lainey's here too! (she's the fuzzy little blue ball!)
 Snow Angels are a must!
 And "Popsicles" aka icicles are on tap for snacking.
 Lainey was having so much fun she fell asleep :)
But her awesome Fancy Pants toboggan made sure to keep her extra cozy. And thanks to my large nose for photobombing this photo. Sheesh.
 Uh-oh mommy the door is frozen shut! (Parent fail ... dear Shane, we desperately need a shed for our children's outdoor toys. Note that for your honey-do list. Thanks.)
 It's "swip-er-wee"

 This is so fun!
 But I'm a little cold.
 Naturally, hot chocolate time!
 Oh wow!
 I want all the marshmallows mommy.
The weathermen are calling for more snow come Friday and the Seigel kiddos are staying with us this weekend while they're parents have an anniversary getaway. So we could be in for some serious snow play! Can't wait!
Signing off to bundle up under the blanket fort and watch a movie with that handsome guy and his baby sister! Stay warm folks!
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