Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's the freakin weekend y'all!! It's supposed to rain all weekend, but I'm not going to let that rain on my parade - literally. We're having a good weekend regardless of the weather. 

Shane left me for five days this past week, not many of my friends or family came to my rescue and yet - I lived to talk about it! Ha! So, this weekend we're celebrating or something. And, I'm basically going to call this entire month a win simply because it was my second really big challenge with both littles and I'm feeling really good about it. Well, at least now that it's over I'm feeling good about it. But, I'm certainly not lining up for a repeat anytime soon.

In all honesty though, Before I get started, I need to give a HUGE shout out to the single mom and dad's of the world. You seriously rock. Like in a big way and deserve wayyy more credit than you likely get. But I see you, and I think you're doing a great job. Your littles love you and that's all that matters!

So, let's get down to a little Five on Friday!


Speaking of Shane leaving me, here's a little look at what went down...or well the parts that made me almost pull my hair out (but let's be honest that's not that hard since postpartum hormones are crashing fast and it's falling out left and right).

We played more memory match card games than I can count, and legit Bennett beat me more times than I care to admit.
 Just as I was on the breaking point these two would do super cute things like hold hands and it would totally melt my heart.
 We had to get really creative with toys -aka- old boxes to make old toys exciting so mommy could sit and breathe for a few minutes. Hello new car ramp.
 And then they would hold hands again, heart eyes.
 The weather was super nice for the most part which was great, so we took lots of strolls outside and frequented the many parks in Nashville.
 Bennett had an entire morning of refusing to wear pants. That made for a fun day. (ha)
 We did get invited to a craw fish boil which was a great break and oh so fun!
 And we built lots of "shoe homes" as Bennett likes to call them. He places his toys at the bottom and piles things on top and then proceeds to tell me about how they are going to get out.
 I was feeling frisky and took the kids to the zoo because the weather was so perfect. We had so much fun!
 And we ate a lot of cotton candy, because well I was tired of saying no.
We survived! But man are we glad Daddy is home!


I'm thankful for loving grandparents. Over the weekend our kiddos received two fun packages from their grandparents and it makes for such a fun surprise. Growing up I always lived far away from my grandparents as well and I always loved when they would send us fun surprises, so seeing my kiddos get the same joy is awesome. Thanks Sissy and GoGo for making our day!


Ya'll on Wednesday night we had QUITE the surprise join us at our house. A BIRD! Holy moly I was so scared. If you follow me on Snapchat you got the play by play but geeze! Who knew I could be so scared of a tiny little flying dude. 

We ordered delivery and when I opened the door to let bring the food in a little surprise flew in with it. And the best part - it happened right at the kiddos bedtime. So, Shane was upstairs with B and I start screaming OMG SHANE THERE IS A BIRD IN THE HOUSE! GET DOWN HERE NOWWWWW! (which naturally is the worst way to handle the situation because it completely sends the two year old in a tailspin). 
I switched Shane jobs and headed upstairs with B to finish bedtime and lied and told him Daddy took care of the situation and the bird was gone. And nearly two minutes later after I was calming my child (and myself) down, the bird FLEW INTO BENNETT'S ROOM! Cue panic from all parties. 
 But all is well that ends well and Shane finally got him and saved the day. Whew.  It was quite the ordeal and we're still bombarded with questions daily about "where is the bird?!" Yikes.


We've decided to give the double stroller game a shot. Bennett is FAR from a stroller kid and literally won't sit and just hang like most of his buddies in a stroller (which can be frustrating). So, we're opting for a sit and stand. He'll probably hate this too, but at least he can be a bit more independent and stand and feel a little bigger than his little sister. I'm hoping he can get into it. But we shall see! 


Can we discuss Bennett's take on the right way to eat a donut? After a successful five days of daddy out of town I took him to get a special treat for being a sweetie and let him pick out his own donut. He went with frosted vanilla with sprinkles.
 And then proceeded to eat only the frosting and the sprinkles and decided to let me know there was no more donut left and he was finished. :) Ohhh to be two.
That's it for me gang ... Hubs and I are going to check out the SEC tourney here in Nash this weekend and hopefully I'll get around to a good recap of it all next week.

Also, say a little prayer for my momma. She had a knee replacement earlier this week and she could use the good vibes. Love you mom!

 Have a great weekend gang!

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  1. haha he is so cute! saying a prayer for your mom too! have a great weekend friend!


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