Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lainey Lou ~ Month 4

It happened, again. Another month went by and Lainey got bigger. She's 4 months old (3.1.16) Sad face. And that means she's a third of the way through her first year and she's starting to get so fun!

Now, onto other info and more scenes from the past month...

How Big Are You?

Your 4 month well visit, with shots, wahhhhh is 3.8.16 ... so I'll know more about your numbers next month. But I can tell you, you grew this month. Big time. In both length and weight. We saw big changes in you this month and you're just the cutest little ever! You've got some adorable little chunky monkey thigh rolls and your cheeks are the squishiest!

What's Your Temperament?
  • Now that you're getting older and more alert you are seriously the sweetest baby ever. You are happy 95% of the time and love to be talked to or just in the middle of the action. You smile from the moment you wake up in the morning until you go to sleep at night. 
  • You're continuing to find your voice and love to be heard!
  • You're still continuing to  give us glimpses of your giggle, but no full blown giggle/laughter just yet. 
  • You're finding your hands and you're an adorable little thumb sucker. It's so so cute and I love to snap pics of it, but then I take out your thumb and replace it with a paci. While it's adorable, I care about your teeth too much to let that continue. 

What Are You Eating?
  • You're officially a formula fed baby. You did great with the transition and you take a bottle really well. 
  • This month you went through a growth spurt and at times I didn't think you'd ever get a full belly! We upped your formula from 5 oz to nearly 7 or 8 ounces and you're happy as a clam.  
  • You're still eating about every 4 hours. 
  • Daddy has a busy month this month, but we're going to try some rice cereal at some point when he's around! Ah how are you big enough to already be trying solids?!
What Are you Sporting?
  • You're still in #1 diapers, but more because we're using up our supply and then switching you to #2. the #1's are a bit snug on your tiny hiney!
  • You've just about out grown all of your clothes. You're in mostly 3 months and fill them out reallyyyyy well. I think this week and next we'll probably need to transition to 3-6 months. 
  • And we're still working in new bows when we can!
  • You also got to wear some fun sun gear on our trip and it was downright adorable! 

How Are You Sleeping?
  • You're FINALLY our little rock star sleeper!
  • You're still wearing your velcro swaddle-me at night time and sleeping through the night (happy dance) from about 8:30pm - 7:30am. We've even dropped your nighttime feeding and you're doing great! 
  • Your routine goes a little something like this (it can vary plus or minus an hour depending on the day ... but this is pretty close):
    • 7:00am wake up - so happy and smiley - 7 oz bottle
    • 9:30am - nap in crib 1.5 hours
    • 11:00am - 7 oz bottle
    • 2:00pm - nap (often in swing, pack and play, car, etc) about 45 min - 1.5 hours
    • 3:30-4pm  - 7 oz bottle
    • 6:00pm - cat nap while hanging out with everyone
    • 7:30pm - bath time
    • 8-9pm - 7 oz bottle, swaddle and sleep!
  • You're still sleeping in with mommy and daddy, because we just got the monitor situation fixed this weekend and we've been traveling. Daddy has a trip this weekend and then next week you're officially moving out and into your own room (gasp, ugly cry). You're such a big girl!

Lainey Likes + Dislikes:
  • Dislikes:
    • When your paci falls out of your mouth
    • At your doctor's appointment last month we learned that you've got a mild case of Torticollis - basically you favor a side and will only put your head in one direction - so we've had to really focus and spend time stretching you out and working to get you where you need to be so your neck is up to snuff! That being said, you HATE physical therapy. But you're doing great with it little mama! 
    • Tummy time - you're getting better, but you definitely don't love it
    • Being held like a baby - you want to be upright
    • When the car isn't moving 
  • Likes:
    • You're starting to really enjoy your devices (swing, rock and play, bouncy seat, etc)
    • Bottles!
    • You like your Soothies pacifiers
    • Sophie!
    • You like white noise (the same mountain river sound as your big brother).
    • You like your Baby K'tan + Baby Bjourn carriers. 
    • Laying on your back + being held upright (head over the shoulder)
    • Bath time
    • Being talked to and played with
    • Your hands!

Fun Moments, Favorite Notes, Lainey Quirks + Milestones:
  • We took your first trip this month to visit PaPaw and GoGo in the Bahamas!
  • Your current official nicknames are Lou, Snowball, Monkey, Lainey Lou, and Wittle
  • You rolled over from belly to back and Mommy, Daddy and Bennett were all home to see it happen! (2.29.16)
  • You got your first Sissy bath!
  • You continued to explore your bow collection.
  • You and your brother continue to get to know one another. There are really rough moments.
  • But really sweet ones too :)
  • And all together, you're just the sweetest little to have around! Even when we're just chillin watching TV
And that's a little update of what's going on this month with our sweet Lainey Gal! Love ya monkey.

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  1. oh my goodness Katie she is the sweeetest! i love all these photos you take of her and shes growing like crazy! what great memories to have :) xo happy wed dear!


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