Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Color Outside the Lines

Picasso once said, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." And I couldn't agree with him more. There are so many people, so many much life that is lost simply by being weighed down with the day to day. I read a book this winter, The Crossroads Between Should and Must, that was a great reminder to look at your inner self and find what it is at your core that makes you happy. Often your happiness was represented when you were a child (something you loved to do or often did), but as adulthood crept in you lost sight of it.

My grandmother is a great example of someone who never lost site of her inner artist. There were always paint brushes in her living rooms, beautifully colored pages on her coffee tables, even a homemade wooden sign she proudly displayed in her front yard that she would update and paint every so often to let people driving by her home know what was happening (birthdays, holidays, etc.).  She is a great example to me to always remember to embrace my creative and artistic side. I often find when I do, I am the most happy. And when we're taking stick your tongue out selfies, I'm pretty happy too!
I mentioned last Wednesday I was reminiscing a lot about my summers spent with her as a child, and today I'm reminiscing about this past weekend we spent with her.  We headed up Saturday and made it just in time for dinner to visit with Aunt Marshee and my cousin, Brian. Lainey ate the entire time.
 PaPaw and GoGo had left earlier that morning, so we just missed them. But we made sure to FaceTime them and check in of course!
 She's the best!
 The very best.
 As I mentioned, Lainey, is named after her. And they made sure to get better acquainted during this visit.

 After several hours and too many free ice creams later (a certain three year old we all know and love found out there was a bottomless freezer of ice cream snacks) we headed to the hotel to bunk up for the night. The littles put on an excellent show and made certain to tag team hourly wake ups. Good thing they are cute, and fit on the luggage cart or we may have accidentally left them behind (kidding)!
 And then we woke up and headed back to visit Sunday morning!
 And this time, Aunt Debbi was there! Yay!

 Lainey played smiley face and Bennett entertained her with endless nursery rhymes and songs.
 And then we all took a little walk to let the littles burn off some energy before they had to get back in the car for that long drive back home.

 We love you Grandma. Always and forever.

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