Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What's Up Wednesday: June Edition

I took a two month hiatus, but I'm back this month a little What's Up Wednesday action. I'm technically a week early because the linkup is supposed to go up on the last Wednesday of the month ... but we have BUSY weekend, and busy week with the soon to be three year old and the Fourth of July (shewweeee) so I thought I'd stop on over today and post a bit early. As a reminder, I (try) check-in at the end of every month and let you know what's happening around this place. So here's What's Up Wednesday: June Edition where I cover these topics.
What I'm reminiscing about ... Hate to start out somber ... but I'm reminiscing A LOT about my grandmother. We received some unfortunate news about her health this week and it has me walking down memory lane on an hourly basis. If you recall, our sweet little Lainey is named after my grandmother, Elaine. They got to meet this year and it was the happiest of times. I've told you before, but I could get lost in my "I love my grandma tangents" for a long time. But for now I'm reminiscing about watching 'Lady and The Tramp' on her living room floor with a perfectly arranged picnic she made just for me. Or baking with her in my parent's kitchen when she would come to stay with us while my parents went out of town. And thinking of how she kept loom rings tied together hanging from her rear view mirror for nearly 20 years because it was a gift I made her in the second grade. She is a special lady and I love her with my whole heart.

What I'm loving ... life. Regular ole' grocery shopping, calling the dentist for an appoinment, changing diapers, swim lessons, eating too much food with friends, waking up early to feed the littles ... life. I had to take a brief two month hiatus a bit from that too and boy does it feel good to be back!

What we've been up to ... Life! Ha. Ironic I know. But the moment we were able to jump back in, boy did we ever. From weddings, to gals nights, the family nights, zoo visits with friends, dressing like your best friend (ahem Shane and Kevin), laughing with our friends, letting Bennett have the candy because it's summer, laughing with our kids. We're making it happen and trying our dangdest to make the most of summer. And this week we've been planning a little man's third birthday (I swear only yesterday we were celebrating his first birthday)!

What I'm dreading ... the heat. It is SO HOT in Nashville ya'll. I realize it's way hotter on the west coast, but man you walk outside and practically melt! I could use a little cool down for a few days.

What I'm working on ... Baptism + Birthday. The two B's for the weekend! Party planning mode in full effect begins tomorrow. Watch out people, I'm a lady on a mission.

What I'm excited about ... The party of course! We've had a lot of knocks lately and I'm excited to have people come to our house for something to celebrate! Plus Bennett is so excited and keeps talking about "his birfday party when he is free (three)" and I can't wait to see him when everything is all set up. And some birthday presents have already started arriving in the mail and if it's any indication of how he will react to his present's I'm excited. Plus little Lainey in her baptismal gown, eeeks! All the cuteness.

What I'm watching/reading ... My bible study group starts up tomorrow night and we are reading Love Does this month. I also had two new daily devotional books shipped my way, and I still haven't made my way all the way through The Nest yet. So much reading, so little time :)

What I'm listening to ... The Three Little Pigs (insert chuckle and eye roll). Bennett has halfway moved on from his love for Humpty Dumpty and is settling into a nice Three Little Pigs obsession. His GoGo (my mom) sent him an early birthday gift with a plush set of the three little pigs, the big bad wolf, and all of their houses ... complete with picture storybook and CD-Rom (that sounds so 90's) of the book on tape. The other day I was bribing him to do something and promised to take the CD with us to swim lessons and he could listen to it the whole way there. Big mistake. Huge. It is now on repeat SO often in the car I might actually cry if I have to hear the little pigs again. But on the flipside is equally adorable and it could be terrible rap music that I'll probably have to suffer through in 10 years ... so I'm going to let this one be. For a little bit anyway.

What I'm wearing ... Yoga pants and maxi skirts. I'm still covering up my leg for the most part and am rocking a compression sock ... so the length keeps things under wraps (literally) ha!

What I'm doing this weekend ... We've got Bennett's buddies birthday party Friday. Saturday we're doing some more party prep of our own. Saturday night a lot of our guests will be arriving into town. And Sunday we wake up bright and early for the baptism and come home to celebrate the little man!

What I'm looking forward to next month ... Nothing, and I love it! We've had A LOT going on ya'll. And really we need to settle a little bit. We need to focus back into our little nucleus and get back on track. Life is moving at a fast pace and we need to embrace it and just let things be for a little. It's time to play. Time to enjoy summer. Time to enjoy our kids and this season of life.

What else is new ... we celebrated an abbreviated Father's Day this weekend, and the kids gifted Shane with a new tent, sleeping bags and lantern. They mentioned something about daddy taking them camping in the back yard?! I can't wait to see how this one plays out next month. I promise to share extra coverage on that story. Wink wink!

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  1. So sorry you received some bad news about your grandma. Love to hear that things elsewise have been going well!


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