Monday, August 1, 2016

Weekend Recap Rewind

Happy Monday y'all! It was a good summer weekend round these parts. Nashville schools start back this week, and while our little man doesn't start for a few weeks we decided to play tourist in our own city and weekends like that are ALWAYS a good time. I think this weekend prompted me to put together some "how to do Nashville with kids" posts that may help anyone visiting with some ideas.  But, that will take some time, effort and legitimate thought and planning that is frankly just too much for my brain on a Monday morning. So, in the meantime I'll just share a little recap of what we did, and then formulate real thoughts and methodical planning you can put to good use in a few weeks. Capische?

We woke up Friday to some fun mail. I love snail mail, and especially mail funnies from friends just to let you know they're thinking of you. This was from our friend Jenni ... it's a picture of a blue duck, because she'd never seen a blue duck before ... get it?! Billy Madison anyone?! Ha!

 Bennett played with his blue duck and made up funny stories all morning long.
I got to work on a little editing from a family session I'd had earlier in the week. Just packed up their complete session and sent it out the door last night. If you're in the Nashville area (or surrounding cities) and looking for a fun family session give me a shout: Katie Marie Photographie.
And then we loaded up the car and headed out to Opry Mills! A day of indoor play to combat the heat + misty rain was just what we needed. Carousel rides, train rides, Rainforest cafe lunches, tree frog souvenirs (Bennett has entered a big stuffed animal phase), a stop at the cookie shop, a little tennis shoe browsing, double stroller snuggles, you know all the essentials.

 Which led to a car nap on the ride home ... SUCCESS!
And we wrapped the day with this big girl, holding her own bottle. What have I told these children about growing up?! Don't they know that is strictly off limits!!
 Saturday we headed downtown to stuff our faces in food truck heaven. Over 40 food trucks packed the house on 4th and Demonbreun for a fun start to the day.
 Little mister headed straight for the Rita's Ice Cream truck.

Momma and Daddy opted for something a little more filling and landed on King Tuts Moroccan food.
 Once our bellies were full, we walked down to broadway and decided to have a little fun in the city we live in. Little Lou joined us, but didn't much care where we went. She was just snoozy lousy.
 We headed to the second floor of Crazy Town for some live music, drinks and snacks. Bennett and I owned the dance floor and we said a little thanks for putting our beers on the menu!
After we'd danced our socks off, we headed next door to Savannah's Candy Shop  to let little man fill up a bag of candy. Candy stores are so fun with kids. The saying "a kid in a candy store" is so true. His little eyes light up and watching him meticulously study all the candies to ensure he gets his favorites its so adorable.

From Savannah's we headed to Wild Horse Saloon.  The upstairs bar was closed, but all of the game tables were open, so we had the whole floor to ourselves and played all the games.
And then a little three year old caught the eyes of a young little lady downstairs on the dance floor and insisted we go dance too. Truth be told, I've been to Wild Horse before, but its often always been late night and the dance floor has looked much different. However, during the day it is so family friendly and kids have complete run of the dance floor while all of the adults eat and chill. Perfect little combo for a Broadway visit.

 And then Lainey got on stage! Insert crazy eye emoji here. Next Nashville star, Miss Lainey Lou everyboddyyyyyy!
We capped off the night visiting some friends and then came home to tuck the littles in bed while Hubs and I ordered some late night grub and binge watched TV.

Sunday we had just a regular ole chill family day and it was the perfect end to a great weekend. We ran errands to prep us for our upcoming trips and got all of our last minute items. And then we giggled and played and watched Lainey eat everything in sight!

This morning we woke up bright and early because I had a scan *say a prayer we get a great phone call with good results* and then today we are putting together all of our things and will soon be hitting the road for lots of adventures! Can't wait to share lots of updates with you guys soon! Have a great week errrrbody!

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