Thursday, August 18, 2016

Mama + The Midwest ~ Part 1

Last week we were in the Windy City and I didn't want to leave. Comfy hotel beds, club level snacks, full coverage rainhead showers, fancy coffee machines, an agenda all our own, fun shopping excursions, memories with my kiddos, my momma, and the city. All my heart.

But alas, all good things must come to an end, we were missing daddy and everyone was somewhat ready to get back to routine. But dang today came with a bang and re-entry is HARD y'all! A full day of survivorship scans and some medical updates that I will share with everyone in a following post, but today I want to talk the fun stuff! And document all of these super fun Chicago memories! Beware, picture overload and even more to come after this!

Momma and I have taken an annual trip for three years running now and this year we were slated to head to a bucket list destination, San Diego, but with all of this blah blah medical drama we're holding off on flying until we learn to manage this lymphedema business a little better. So, we tabled San Diego and replaced it with a road trip to Chicago and filled it with all things family and fun.
We drove back to Louisville Tuesday to drop Daddy off for his big golf trip to Scotland and Ireland, spent the night at PaPaw and GoGo's before getting up bright and early Wednesday to make our way north. The kiddos did great in the car and mama and I listened to Serial most of the way. I'm totally into podcasts now, especially with all of the driving we seem to be doing lately. Does anyone have any good recommendations of what I should listen to now that I've finished the Serial seasons?

We arrived at the hotel, The Langham, and unloaded our 4700 items. I mean, I was legit embarrassed at the amount of items we packed. I used to be the gal that jumped on a plan with an overnight bag for a two week trip and now I've got the whole house packed  into my car #momlife. The kiddos made themselves right at home and we got everything situated in our fancy place, Penny totally outdid herself. The hotel couldn't have been more perfect and I will certainly stay there again when we go back.
 And there was a TV in my bathroom mirror. Yes please.

 GoGo had special surprises for the littles when we arrived. And they received a new surprise every morning. Grandma of the year award!

 Nespresso machine. Did someone say I'm turning 30 soon? Did you need gift ideas? No? Oh, okay ... nevermind.

 And let's be real, give us cookies and it seals the deal.

Thursday morning we started off the trip with a bang (for Bennett anyways) and headed to see a children's theatre performance of The Three Little Pigs and Bennett was amazed. He's been obsessed with nursery rhymes since he began school last fall and his latest love is the three little piggies. So, when I saw there was performance I knew we had to go. And sure enough it was a huge hit.

After the play we loaded up the car, snagged some Chick-fil-A and headed to Wheaton, IL to visit with Daddy's family. We played and visited and introduced them to Lainey for the first time! We need to get up there more often, it's never enough time, but we had a blast and a yummy dinner.

Friday we had GREAT weather and loaded up the kids and road The El aka "DA TRAIN MOMMY!" to the Lincoln Park Zoo which is an AWESOME free zoo in a great little part of the city. We followed up with a yummy lunch at R.J. Grunts before headed back to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.

 The Lions were extra lively and put on an awesome show for us.

 And little miss thang made herself comfy and took a whittle nap.

 Look at that salad bar and unlimited burger topping station! Nom nom nom.
 And once she was ready to get our of her stroller for a bit, I put her in my backpack and we walked along the park some more.
 And little mister picked out a popsicle.
 And tried to steal his PaPaw's girl.

We then hailed a cab, headed back to the hotel got cleaned up for dinner and made our way to Latinicity where we racked up our card with tons of yummy dinner options.

When we got back to the hotel, we went to the kids room and let Bennett romp and play.
And then we got all cleaned up and headed to bed, and in our suitcases we found a surprise from daddy! 

Bennett's very own stuffed Maggie to keep him company at night. I mean does it get any sweeter? What a great daddy that little boy has!
Saturday the kids slept in and I snuggled in bed with my computer and coffee, ahhh vacation.
 We then headed to check out Bucktown and had brunch at Mindy's Hot Chocolate where we indulged in all things yummy and scouted the town for cute shops and eateries. And we peaked inside and checked out The Max, the real life Saved By The Bell restaurant - SO COOL!

 This mac 'n' cheese y'all. Oh. Em. Gee.
 And no hopes of seeing Zack or Slater ... but just as I'd imagined.

 And this little man weaseled his way into another cookie.
 We headed back to the hotel to get cleaned up before heading back to Lincoln Park to meet up with the family once again for The Taste of Lincoln. Shane's cousin, Mary, and their band, March Fourth Band, had traveled all the way from Portland, OR and were performing so we headed down to party and watch her on stage.

 Cousin Mary,
 Uncle Danny,

 The whole crew!

 And of course we had to surf :) before calling it a night.

Sunday we took it easy, and did a little Magnificent Mile strolling complete with giggles, legos, chocolate, and lots of walking; followed by some downtime in the hotel and lots of Chicago pizza from Giordano's in our bellies!

 And on the walk back home we threw pennies in the fountain and wished for health and happiness.

I was lots of fun and that's not all! I'll be back with Mama and Midwest Part II in a few days. Have a great rest of the week lovelies!

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  1. Looks like you guys had the best time in Chicago! Makes me want to go there ASAP! Can't wait to hear more.

    1. So fun! Making those last days of summer count!!


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