Tuesday, September 10, 2013


The day we became a family.
The day I married the love of my life.
The day Shane became my bestest bestie of all time.
The day I will forever remember.
The day we were surrounded by everyone we love.
The day we were toasted the best toasts around.
The day my dad made me the awesome Katie video I will forever cherish.
The day our support system lifted us up.
The day we took the biggest step towards our lifelong commitment.
The day the Lord united us as one.
The day we became "man and wife".
The day I became a Mrs.
The day I wore my favorite piece of clothing ever ... my wedding dress.
The day we danced to "The Way You Look Tonight" by Michael Buble.
The day Megan Wynn captured the best memories we'd made to date.
The day my dad gave me away, but I promised to forever be his little girl.
The day I saw Shane's lip quiver when I walked down the aisle.
The day our friends and family partied the night away.
The day our groomsmen looked superbly dapper.
The day my best friends posed for pictures that will forever grace our walls.
The day my mom zipped me into my dress and hugged me with the happiest embrace.
The day I served corn on the cob at my wedding.
The day my bridesmaids pulled out the blue flowers in our bouquets because I had a bridezilla moment.
The day Emmie and Brody collided for the best flower girl and ring bearer entrance of all time.
The day MaKenzie finally became my Matron of Honor.
The day my grandma, my mom and I took my all time favorite picture.
The day my husband was the most handsome groom ever.

The day. 
The best day.
Our Wedding Day.
September 10th, 2011.
Two years ago today: The day I married HIM. 
Happy Anniversary Mister Shane.
I love you.


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  2. AHHH TEARS!! What a beautiful post. What an amazing day. So thankful God put Shane in your life, he's who I prayed for for you! Lubs. ~Noellie

  3. Hehehe, thanks gals! So happy you both were by my side! Lubs you mostest.


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