Thursday, September 26, 2013

Johnny Appleseed

Do you guys remember Johnny Appleseed day in grade school? Or was that something only my school celebrated?  I think we made it a thing because he introduced apple trees to large parts of Indiana? Well either way ... we celebrated it.  And, it's today if any of you are wondering ... or well ... today is his birthday (thanks to a random fact twitter feed I follow) so I assume it's celebrated today? I could very well be lying to you.
In honor of mister Johnny Appleseed, our little clan headed to the orchard and went Apple Pickin! Okay, I'm lying again. We really went apple pickin' simply because we wanted to. And because it means we checked off another item on our Fall Bucket List! Whooooooooop!
We headed to a cute little orchard tucked in the middle of some new developments and had a big ole' time.
 Bennett picked his very first ever apple with a little help from dad ;)
But obviously was not as excited about eating it as he was picking it. And he wasn't too thrilled about the daggone bees that were all over either. 
 And of course we had to set up the self-timer for a family photo-op before heading out with our goodies!
 Now if only I knew how to make apple pie ...

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