Thursday, September 19, 2013

Katie New Year : The Late 20's Edition

Welp, it's officially here. 
My birthday. 
The birthday that starts the downward slope to thirty.
I can't decide if I'm more terrified that today means I'm this much closer to being 30, or because it makes me realize just how long it's been since I turned 21. Good grief!
But seriously ... My late 20's? 
How in the H - E - DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS did this happen?? 
Gosh, I swear just yesterday I was wobbling standing outside of Two Keys after a day full of tailgating hoping my fake ID would work. And now I'm married, with a kid, a dog, all of which live in a house, that we own. What in the heck?  That sounds so GROWN UP! I'm certainly not old enough for all of that right?! (probably not...) But here we are ... ready or not. 

That being said, I wouldn't change a single thing, because I am beyond blessed in this life. But, there are still things I wish I would have done differently and parts of myself I wish were better.  So, on my birthday I say to myself ... ain't no time like the present right??  So here's to a new year for Katie Marie with goals and happiness galore ... let's do this.

1} Focus on photography. If you remember, just last year I got my first "real" camera for our European travels (travels in which I still owe you several posts on ... really I just owe them to myself, I really want to document that trip). It was easy to be inspired and pick up my camera while we were on vacay because we were surrounded by beautiful castles and old buildings, but here... not so much. Although Kentucky is gorgeous, I haven't felt as inspired here; therefore, my camera stays in my fancy bag in my desk. I'm hoping to make a change and use my new camera and lens often. Hopefully, on things other than just Bennett's monthly check-ins ;)

2} Bring back date night. Shane and I have always dated, and worked hard to focus on each other. We try to be creative and attend parties, go hiking, explore, hit up festivals, go to games, etc. And now we've got a kiddo and we know these will not be as frequent as they once were in the past. But I want to make sure we continue to keep our relationship alive too. Keep up the bonding and bring little man along! We've got a lot of memories to make.

3} Exercise at least a few times a week. Is it sad I can't even remember the last time I did cardio? Sure, I break into a sweat every so often when Bennett freaks out in public and won't take his paci, but I honestly can't remember the last time I felt sweat. As I'm typing this, I'm eating cheese-its and am probably covered in formula stickiness. God bless my husband. Anyway, back to my hatred of exercise. I must start. Here's to getting my sweat on in my Katie Marie New Year!

4} Stay in touch with friends. I talk and email with a few friends regularly, but need to make a greater effort with others. It's difficult because everyone is so engrossed in their own lives and we're all busy in different ways! And I'm using my baby as an "absent" excuse entirely too much. A phone works both ways, but it's got to start somewhere.

5} Be better at meal planning. Thanks to maternity leave and Pinterest, I've honed even more on my cooking skills. But this doesn't mean I make a gourmet meal every night. Moreover, it comes 4:30 and I panic as to what I can put on to simply try and eat. If I spent more time planning out the entire week and writing down my grocery list, I'm sure I'd be successful. 

6} Be more thoughtful.  I always have these grandiose ideas and intentions to send people cards, wake up early to make hubs coffee, or buy cute things that remind me of someone at the store. But that's usually where they end ... mere thoughts. I'm bad about putting them into action. They say it only takes a few days for something to become a habit right? Must start acting on these ideas.

7} Pin it and do it.  When I first became a fellow Pinteresteer I was pinning all the time. One of those annoying addicts who comments on things as if they are the greatest idea ever imagined (even though some really are) ... I was all inspired and even tried some of said pins. Now, though it's lost its luster. I feel like I just jump on to pass the time vs. actually looking for inspiration and completing a project. I really enjoy DIY so I need to get back to getting crafty with it. 

8} Be a better family member. With how busy everyones lives are these days Hubs and I tend to get caught up in "our" family's busyness and not make time or touch base with our extended families. Need to remember,there's a reason they say blood is thicker than water.

9} Be the best dang momma I can be.  I'm still learning, but I'm determined. That little man deserves the best.

10} Explore.  I love to travel, but some of my extravagant excursions may need to take a backseat for a little while until BUB is a little older and we all can really enjoy where we're headed. But that doesn't mean we still can't explore ... I'm happier when things are changing and we're discovering new things. So that just means I need to find new ways to carry it out. 
Woah, Is that a challenge within a challenge? ... I believe it is and I'm game.

I'm game for all of it. And my late 20's.  
Bring it on Katie New Year!
Bring. It. On.


  1. ALWAYS date!!!! They're crucial, especially once having children. I cherish those moments with my hubby.


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