Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chicaaahgo … Chicawgo

Round here it's Chicawgo. Up there it's Chicaaahgo. Either way: it's a place you wanna go … CHICAGO.

I think in another life I was meant to live there. A life without Shane. A life without Bennett. But probably a life with Maggie. I could be a city girl. I could thrive in a big city, probably even one as big as New York … but Chicago is probably where I'd fit best. I'd live in one of those fancy lofts and carry my groceries seven blocks in heels, with my new coat and super thick scarf … to walk into my luxury loft apartment and have a glass of wine while cooking dinner before heading out to my fancy city dinner to meet friends. You know, that sort of thing … I'd kill it.

But guess what, I don't. And it DON'T matter. Because I HAVE those boys named Shane and Bennett in my life and therefore those city things can remain in my other life. In this life, I HAVE the perfect little family and they do great things like take me to Chicago for my birthday … and that my friends: THAT is everything.


And because we don't live there … we get to do extra fun things like: visit the bean (lame selfie in front of the bean and we managed to cut the entire thing out. Fail.)

And listen to fancy Chicago Symphony Orchestra's play in Millennium Park.
And then have fantastic lunches at Eataly. Side note: holy moly, if you're planning a trip to Chicago and love Italy as much as me. Go. I'm not even going to elaborate. Just GO!

 And then they let me take us to the Mag Mile and do a little shopppppppinngggg.
 And then eat until our hearts are content with Firecakes Donuts. Again, GO. Just GO … Dearborn Street, you're welcome.

 And visit with hubby's side of the family and trek the beautiful ALS Walk for Life in memory of Shane's Uncle Bob.

And let Bennett flirt it up with the ladies .. geeZe that boy!
 And then take me to a fancy farewell dinner at Harry Caray's.

 And then top it off with a Beatrix breaky-fast. Holy yum.
 Angel Food Muffins. Oh. Em. Gee.
 Last Stop, Navy Pier!

And a final farewell with a Chicago dog.

Like I said, AMEN. Thanks boys for a fabulous birthday weekend in the windy city. Love ya!

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