Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Pumpkins

Happy Halloween!  I'll be sure to report back next week with a full Halloween recap, but for now in honor of the big day filled with tricks and treats, I'll share Bennett's first pumpkin carving!
We went to the pumpkin patch this year, but we couldn't find much and instead B-man was way more interested in feeding the duds and playing on the playground … so we walked through the corn maze and called it a day. Instead, I snagged some pumpkins at our local grocery store … so at least the effort was there.

We waited for Daddy to come home and headed straight outside at dusk to get started! Aka - Shane did all of the work and I took pictures :)

Maggie wanted to help too!

 Yuckkyy!! :) And we removed the shirt because things were getting verrrrry messy.

 Don't eat it silly!

 Bennett wanted the carving tools really bad.
Really, really bad.
 And wouldn't take no for an answer.
 But quickly moved onto something else, thank goodness.
 And then giggled at their masterpiece.

 And then we timer-cammed a family photo, and I blew it.
So, we did it again :)
 And one more time. Bennett and Maggie are clearly in love.  
 And then the following week, I had all of my gal pals over for our annual pumpkin carving and made my own (mine's the fourth from the left).
 Then we posed for another family photos and Teddi took this one. Shane was embarrassed of his pumpkin, so he hid it or something (pardon my house slippers).
Happy Halloween you ghouls and goblins, Hope you get lots of yummy treats!

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