Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Katie: Late 20's Edition Numero Dos

Well hey there month of October ... you snuck up so quick I barely had time to grab my hoodie (not that I'm complaining)!
It's no secret I love fall and everything that comes with it. September kicks it off with a grand entrance including both my birthday and my anniversary and is such a warm welcome every year. However, this year, September came and went so quickly I barely had time to sit down, unwind and take it all in.  And now that we are well underway moving into our second week of October, I better take some time to reflect before it's Christmas!

Last year, on my birthday, I posted this. All about how I was going to do better this year. Focus on the best version of myself. Spend time in areas I WANTED to spend time in, and less time in areas that were no making an impact on a better me.

Now, it's time to take a look back, and see how I did.  So, I sigh a big *Le Sigh* and come to terms with the fact that I did far worse than I ever intended too. Sigh another *Le Sigh* Put on a pair of  new cute boots (hehe) take by boy to the park, eat a pumpkin cookie and set out to do better.
(I couldn't have timed this photo better in 100 years if I tried)

Because it's not a life worth living if you're not constantly challenging yourself to DO better, BE better, EXPLORE better and eat delicious cookies along the way. Well, in my world it isn't.
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