Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bennett's Christmas List

I mentioned last week that Bennett visited Santa in New York City. What I didn't mention was what he asked Santa for. Toddler toys for toddler boys aren't a challenge in our household. If they have wheels, sound like Mickey, or can be thrown/leaped upon/climbed on etc. it's a sure fire bet it'll be a winner.

With that being said, here a few items I can bet little man wouldn't be upset about if they landed under the tree.

Bennetts Christmas List

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  1. 30" Personalized Bean Bag - because what kid doesn't want a bean bag? And added bonus it's personalized. Hello childhood staple.
  2. Personalized Woodwork Bench - I love this for so many reasons. It's personalized, it's adorable and it doesn't look junky. Plus little boys go crazy for this stuff. 
  3. Chuggington Wilson Carry Case - my child LOVES Chuggington and we're getting a rather large collection of train cars. Here's the perfect place to pack em!
  4. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD - Mickey + Bennett = LOVE. Enough said.
  5. Kid Trax Ram 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On - or any ride-on car for that matter. This one may be a little too "advanced" for sweet B right now ... but I have a feeling come Spring he'll be ready to give her a try.
  6. Personalized 2-4 yr. Bath Robe - are we seeing a pattern here that I love personalization? Okay, so Bennett may not love this one ... but mommy does :)
  7. Melissa Doug Upright Piano - this little number was on sale at HomeGoods and I was a sucker. I'm going to hate myself for buying this later when little man is repeatedly banging on the keys ... but it's so cute and I know he'll love it because DUH it makes noise!
  8. Trucks Roll Book - Bennett loves books. Bennett also loves "twucks". I think you can connect the dots.
  9. Tickle Monster Book - this just seems so fun! Reading and tickling. Both of these are regular nightly occurrences in our household so why not formalize the combination?!
If you've got a toddler and are looking for some ideas ... shop this list and call it a day ... Merry Christmas!
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