Thursday, December 4, 2014

The City, Chelsea, and The Village - Part 3

Round up number three is ready!  You can catch up on part 1 and part 2 of the NYC Thanksgiving trip in case you missed those.

NYC - Day 4 

Day 4 - Black Friday. For those of you who venture out with the crazies on Black Friday, well I think you're awesome. I don't have the stamina or the patience anymore. Mom and I used to go, but now-a-days I'm over all the craziness. So this year we opted for a more mellow day and left the madness of 5th Avenue and Soho to those much cooler than us.  Instead, we had a girls day and headed to Chelsea and ate, drank way too much coffee, perused around the local boutiques and the Chelsea market until our hearts were content.

We started with bowls of coffee. Literally.

 And then some more coffee and sweets.

 Then took in all the Chelsea Market has to offer.

 Like textiles.
 Including Sea Urchins
 And lobsters.
 And caved and ate a crab leg.

Followed by doughnuts.

 And craft beers.

 And went back to the wonderment of it all.
 And then were sucked in by fresh pastas.
 And swanky restaurants.
 And then made a quick pit stop in Anthropologie - to say we went shopping on Black Friday. I purchased that sweet little green coat. I am in love.
 And popped our holiday poppers only to get free candy canes and the people next to us got $100 gift card and a sweet bottle opener. Fail.
 Then we stumbled on some super weird free, let your senses go crazy with scent room experiences or something. We played along for a little.

 This was the sandalwood / relaxation room.
 But then we got weirded out and moved on. Where we found free LavAzza coffee and delivery service. We participated :)

 Then we met up with the boys in Little Italy. They had spent the day in Chinatown eating duck and getting foot massages.
Here was a picture they shared with me ... Sidenote: Bennett actually got a foot massage! HA!
 Then PaPaw and GoGo stepped in to watch Baby B for the night while Hubs, the baby bro and I met up with Chris and Laura (who were in Brooklyn for Thanksgiving) for a parents night out!  We went to this great little place in Greenwich Village, Alta.
 Our waiter, who was ironically from Louisville as well - told us some great spots to check out and we headed that way. To discover one of the coolest underground bars ever: Fat Cat.

And we finished out the night on a high note: NYC pizza. Amen.
The trip is almost over, stay tuned for the last two days!
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