Monday, July 20, 2015

Red, White + BLUE

Can you tell I'm feeling guilty that I haven't posted enough about Bennett and the fact that he's already TWO?! Gosh, where did the time go? Am I going to say this every year? Will I ever get used to my baby(s) growing up?  Does it get easier? Do they always consume your every waking thought? Will I be prepared when they are finally ready to flee the nest?

Whew, okay - putting the pregnancy hormones at bay and going to talk about our Independence Day and belated USA bday for our sweet Bennett boy. We had originally planned to head to the lake for the 4th, as we've done in years past. But, the weather this year was SO BLAH and we'd just gotten back from vacation, so we decided to stay home and have a more low key holiday.

Before the big Nashville firework show however, we owed Bennett a proper birthday gift and knew just where to take him: THE PET STORE!
No puppies, no kittens, but a simple little fish that he could put in his room, get excited about saying hi to in the morning and name all on his own :)

Making fishies home ...
 Adding rocks...

Adding our fishy ... "BLUE" ... Bennett appropriately named him :) And chose the name all his own. Such a smart little fella!

"Wow Daddy!  Wook at Bewe!" (look at blue!)

Happy Birthday Bennett, and welcome to the family Blue!
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