Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Terrible Twos

Okay, so the title of this post is a bit misleading. We do in fact have a two year old on our hands (HOW?!?!), but he really isn't terrible. If anything, I'm terrible because it's taken me so long to get around to doing a catch up on where our sweet little B is in life!

Bennett is growing leaps and bounds and changing every single day. Whether it be new words, or new concepts he's grasping ... he's always keeping us on our toes! He is truly one of the happiest kids I have ever met and his inquisitiveness is certainly something I hope he never loses. He is honestly my little buddy, and we rarely are apart. He LOVES his family (both immediate and extended), LOVES his doggie, Maggie, LOVES his cars, airplanes and helicopters and LOVES to talk. He has a vibrant personality that we see shine through more and more every day. Your spirit is so bright my son. Keep on shining!

Bennett celebrated his birthday at his GoGo and PaPaw's place in the Bahamas ... rough life kid ;)
 He loves music and loves to dance.
 Being naked is his middle name.
 He loves his parents. We're still mostly mama and dada for the time being ... but he's SLOWLY starting to insert mommy and daddy as well. (sigh, another chapter almost closed)
 The kid LOVES, I mean LOVES trains, cars, airplanes and helicopters. ALL BOY!
 His smile and blue eyes. Gah.
 Asking questions is his favorite past time.
 He gets a bath every evening (mostly daddy's job) ... and the kid loves the water.
Does he like Exploring? ... check yes.
 Add traveling to that list too. He comes by it honestly.
 He's gotten to do some pretty cool stuff in all of his two years.
 Animals + the zoo. Ohhhh the imagination.
 He's officially sleeping in a toddler bed ... and still waits for us to come get him in the morning. He's never once gotten out (going on about 3 months) AMEN.
 New activities, he's game.
 Ice Cream ... watch out! Just add sprinkles please :)
 Oh, and don't mess with his apple juice either.
 Just call him Romeo.
 But again, don't mess with his apple juice.
 He cleans up pretty nice!
 And can chill with the best of them (current favorite shows: Paw Patrol, UmiZoomi, Bubble Guppies)
 But really, the apple juice.
 He has a silly side too ... and can see things from several angles :)
 And in the morning, cereal ("says") + milk ("meh-wuk") MUST be present. (also: the paci is only at nap and nighttime and while in the car ... we may nix it soon .. but as of his second bday ... he's still got it!)
 Eating .. he's a picky eater friends. Picky.
 And he rarely tuckers out ... but when he does. He's out ... HARD
 But then he just finds apple juice :)
 He's in his new room and loving it!
 Oh, and he likes books too!
 And dressing up .. especially in his fireman hat.
 And daddy's shoes.
 He LOVES to play in the sand + the pool.
 His cars accompany him to every meal.
 Where he inevitably manipulates getting out of eating.
 He loves his cousins: "amy, bro-ee and timmy" aka emmie, brody and tatum :)
 Did I mention he's a picky eater ... but NOT when it comes to sweets.
 He loves Maggie. They're best buds.
 He really is sweet as can be.
 Like, always.
And he's going to make the absolute BEST big brother!

Bennett, you came into our life with a bang and you have made everyday there after so amazing and more meaningful. You have us in the palm of your hand little man, and I hope your bright smile + sparkle in your beautiful blue eyes never leaves.  You love to cuddle and are always down to adventure and explore with your always moving parents. You are the perfect addition to our family and bring so much love and joy to our home. 

Cheers to your terrible twos little mister. Mommy and Daddy love you, with ALL of our hearts. 

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  1. love his little face! cant wait to see what baby uttich #2 will look like :)


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