Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Watch Out!

Ya'll remember how I told you I LOOOOVE September? Well, this year September decided to start off with a bang and test my love for the month. And by bang I mean kidney stones + 7 months of pregnancy + preterm labor + hospital stays + moderate bed rest on Labor Day Weekend. Ayyyyyiiiiiyiiiiii!
Thank goodness for my sweet little visitor that came to keep me company and watch cartoons while baby moon was being monitored! (I had nearly this exact same thing happen to me when I was pregnant with Bennett - I was almost 32 weeks and it was Derby Day 2013. My babies and pregnancy sure like to keep it interesting!)

The good news is, I am discharged from the hospital. We believe whatever was causing the kidney pain has now subsided, the contractions are at bay and hopefully I am well on my way to getting better. The bad news ... bed rest leads to a lot of boredom and therefore, A LOT of online shopping.

And because September is packed with magical things like my anniversary and birthday, I've spent more time shopping for myself this past weekend than I care to admit! For today I thought I'd share the watches I've been eyeing.

I've never considered myself a watch type of girl. I feel like I have short forearms and watches tend to make them look even smaller, but when I found this one sometime last year it quickly became one of my staple pieces of jewelry and I've been on the lookout for another one ever since.

Because I purchased that above beauty in Rose Gold, I think if I were to buy something else, I would be looking for a silver or a silver gold mix. I would also be interested in a regular gold at some point too, but for now - I just need something to leverage my silver items with. So here's what I'm digging - all have the smaller/mini face - that is a MUST for me.
Watch Out
Lucky for you I shopped for more than just watches and I'll be sure to share in the upcoming days :) but for now, back to bad TV and bed rest. Laters.

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  1. I am praying that everything continues to go ok. I am so sorry that you had that pain.. Glad you are feeing better..

    1. Thank you love! Slowly but surely! I see the doc Friday in hopes she'll clear me from bedrest!

  2. Oh, no! What way to spend the weekend. Glad you are feeling better and back at home...even if you are on bedrest! I bought a silver/gold mix watch about a year ago and I wear it every day! I feel like it just goes with everything!

    1. Thank you for the sweet words! Yes, I think I "NEEEEEED" it. HA!


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