Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Goals

Hey there September. I love the sight of you. I love everything you bring. I love everything I get to celebrate. I just love you. Welcome.
With Bennett officially in school two days a week, it's time to get cracking before baby moon arrives in early November. I've got a long to-do list and only 16 day solo days to do it!  I thought I'd jot some down to try and hold myself accountable. Here's what I'm setting out to tackle/put on my honey-do list:

At Home:
  1. Purchase some awesome patio furniture - find a great sale
  2. Pick out and purchase a rug for Baby Moon's nursery
  3. Paint an accent wall in my home office
  4. Sew accessory fabric on my kitchen drapes
  5. Pick out / hang and install drapes in the living room
  6. Pick out / hang and install drapes in the master bedroom
  7. Pick out and purchase a rug for the master bedroom
  8. Find a small shed for backyard to house Bennett's toys 
  9. Post and get rid of leftover items from the move that are taking up garage space
  10. Find a hutch/changing table for the laundry room
  11. Move shelving unit from garage to Master Bedroom 
  12. Get blinds installed for nursery + Bennett's room
  13. Pick out curtains for nursery
In the Kitchen:
  1. Commit to purchasing healthier items at the grocery store
  2. Finding a place for all the baby items (bottles/highchair/etc)
  3. Baby proofing the cabinets
In Business:
  1. Getting my maternity leave folder updated
  2. Wrapping up big projects
  3. Setting all fall shoots to be wrapped and edited by October 30th 
In life:
  1. Finding time to nap
  2. Find time to get my hair did
  3. Installing all baby gear (new car seat, etc)
Okay, I need to stop. I'm already overwhelmed. Time to go back to simply enjoying that it's September :)

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