Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Birthday Wishes

I told ya'll to watch out last week or two weeks ago or something like that, because I love September. I feel like this September is FLYING by and is filled with all things baby, and I'm okay with that! I'm back today to share some more birthday wishes (per my mother's request, hehe).

Like I said, I'm so nesting/baby focused right now it's hard to even think about things I want for myself ... but if I had to pick four items I'm always lusting ... here they are:

birthday wishes
1. Lens Love : I mentioned a while back here, when I was having mommy meltdowns and what not ... but I really really want this lens.

2. Pioneer Woman's Cookware : her line from Walmart is PHENOM!  These are my four favorite pieces (and what I have room for in my kitchen right now) in addition to her pretty teal glass tumblers that for some reason it wouldn't allow me to pin on Polyvore today hmph! It is my goal to meet that woman one day. She's so great.

3. Delicate Layering necklaces : I love these four. But really I love them all. They are a great way to add a little something, but still be understated. And they seem manageable with grabby new baby hands :)

4. Scarves : Katie and Scarves should basically go together at all times. Especially starting late September. They're part of my uniform and I love them. I'm into plaid this season!

So, aside from baby bags, diaper genies + monogrammed car seat covers ... these are my wishes! Happy Birthday September babies!
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  1. I love Ree! I think it is so awesome she has her own line of items. I haven't made it to the store to check them out, but all the pictures I have seen are too cute!

    1. She is seriously amazing. She made a cameo on Trisha's show the other day ... Ahhmazing!


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