Monday, December 7, 2015

Another First ... Babies + Bottles

And just like that, another first has come and gone (latergram post from 11.22.15). There will be many more bottles to be had I'm sure. But that first one, especially from your daddy, is something special. I'm currently breastfeeding little miss, but knew I'd be having a few glasses of wine on Turkey Day so we gave her a bottle of breast milk a few days before Thanksgiving to see how she'd do. 

And of course, just like her big brother - she rocked the bottle. And wanted more please :) 
Okay, let's see if I remember how to do this ...
Yeaaaaa, there it is!
Just like that! Perfect.
Probably to Bennett, "Look buddy, Lainey's drinking her first bottle!"
And Bennett's like, "Guys who cares, I'm watching Goldie + Bear and eating a Popsicle!"
This guy + lazy Sunday afternoons <3
And his little girl <3
And all my love.
Forever and always.

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