Thursday, December 3, 2015

Decking the Halls

Decking the halls in a new home is always a fun and challenging task. At the old house, most everything had a spot and I mostly knew where everything would go. So, the worst part was simply getting the decorations out of storage + unpacked and then sweeping up the excess trimmings + glitter. This time around, I had to actually strategize to give everything a home. And a newborn that prefers to be held made that even more challenging!

But alas, the tree is up and the halls are "decked" and Christmas music is booming in our house. I love Christmas time. And with two littles and a little that actually "gets it" this year I am so excited!

First, we had to pull all of the bits and pieces out of storage. The worst part, am I right?
And this little nugget wanted to touch every single item we took out of the box, which also made it interesting.
And several of them broke because of that ... "Sowwy Mommy"
But playing with toys while daddy works is so much fun!
Tree trimmings are so pretty!
Once we completed the tree, we ran upstairs for bath time to take an early one before settling in for a fun holiday filled evening!
After bath time, we all put on our PJs and snuggled up to watch "An Elf Story" and get in the Christmas spirit. Daddy and Bennett were in charge of popping the popcorn. 
And they snuggled (per usual) while they waited for it to pop.
And then we talked about how excited we were to watch all about SANTA!
After watching our movie the doorbell rang and a fun box filled with a peculiar little elf was waiting on our doorstep :) More to come on our elf, his name + what he's been doing around our house. But we're officially Christmas ready ... Santa, please stop here!
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