Friday, December 4, 2015

Lainey Lou ~ Month 1

Goodness gracious, this past month has FLOWN by. I mean really, how has an entire month of being little miss's mommy already come to a close?! So. Dang. Fast.
Regardless of how, it happened and therefore it's time to tell ya all about it! You were born November 1, 2015 and then somehow you became a month old.  For fun, I read back through Bennett's 1 Month post and, per usual, it got me all hormonal and all that jazz. Why do they have to grow up so fast. Wahhhh.

But here you are my adorable sweet 1 month old baby girl (12.1.15):

 Baby bro photobombed our shoot :) but we didn't mind.

And there he is again, my adorable little blue eyed boy.

Now, onto other info and more scenes from the past month...

How Big Are You?
  • At Birth
    • 16 pounds 14.5 ounces
    • 18 inches
  • 2-3 Week Checkup
    • 3 weeks + 1 Day (11/23)
    • W: 7 pounds 12.5 ounces - 25%
    • H: 21.5 inches - 75% (we realize this is A LOT of growth - doc said it could be a small discrepancy from the original measurement from the hospital)
    • Head: 14.25 inches - 55%
What's Your Temperament?
  • Since you were born a few weeks early, you were the sleepiest little nugget the first few weeks of your life. You literally slept through everything! You'd wake up to eat and then basically right back to sleep. So learning your personality was a bit tough at first. 
  • However, this past week you've really started waking up and showing us what you're all about! 
  • Bottom line: your temperament is great ... as long as you're being held ;) 
  • More to come in this category as you develop. But you're super sweet and really easy going. As long as a paci + someones arms are in reach ... you're one happy gal. 
  • This month we learned you don't really cry .... you SCREAM. Drama at such a young age. 
  • You're a noisy baby when you're awake. You coo and kick and love to look at lights. And you're a noisy eater as well. 

What Are You Eating?
  • To date you've been strictly breastfed with two bottles of formula. Therefore it's a little hard to put a quantity on how much you're eating. But, from what I can tell from when I'm pumping I'd say you're eating about 2.5 ounces and I can tell you it is every 2-3 hours.
  • You do NOT miss a meal. She be little but mighty :) You'd eat every 1.5 hours if I'd let you, but for the most part you stretch your feedings to 2-2.5 hours during the daytime and about 3 hours at night. 
  • We gave you formula a couple of nights around your midnight feeding in hopes you would sleep in longer stretches, but for the most part to no avail. 
What Are you Sporting?
  • You are in newborn diapers, we're Pampers people and they seem to keep you extra happy. Plus I'm still a big fan of that blue line that let's us know if you're wet or not. However, our box of "N" just ran out and we have a box of "1" so we may just graduate you to 1's so we can keep them in stock for a while. 
  • You're in mostly newborn attire. You're a tiny little peanut and honestly could have probably worn some preemie items the first week or two. But you've been rocking the same newborn for a good month. Hoping you hit a growth spurt so we can start trying on some of your cute 0-3 gifts we received! 
How Are You Sleeping?
  • Sleeping has been much more of a struggle with you compared to your brother. Not that you don't sleep, but with your preferences compared to him. 
  • You are not a fan of the velcro swaddle-me's that he so desperately loved, you much prefer a looser blanket because you'd like to have your arms up by your face. And you my peach are lucky because Aden + Anais sell bamboo swaddles this time around, so that's what you're wrapped in 80% of the time. So soft. 
  • When it comes to night time sleeping you're a bit of a diva. For the first 3 weeks of your life you almost always slept on mama. And, girlfriend your mama is one of the biggest no sleeping with baby advocates out there. But, you literally wouldn't have it any other way. So, I figured out a way to feel as safe as possible while keeping you happy and we moved on. I think I've developed carpal tunnel and my shoulder muscles are always sore, but other than that we're doing just fine :)
  • You sleep about 2-3 hour stretches and then need to be nursed and easily drift back off. 
  • You have started to sleep better in short stretches in your bassinet however, and we are all singing your praises. And much happier too! Keep on progressing baby girl, we'll get there!
 Mommy sometimes needs a nap too!
 Make yourself comfortable lady :)
 I spy a paci stash :)

Lainey Likes + Dislikes:
  • Dislikes:
    • You hate having your diaper changed. I think it's more about the cold wipes but you are definitely not a fan. 
    • You hate not being held. HATE it. If someone would hold you 100% of the time I don't think you'd ever be discontented. 
  • Likes:
    • You (I mean me) love your Kickee Pants onesies. 
    • You like your Rock n' Play and prefer it over your other devices (swing, bouncy, etc)
    • And you're pretty content in your Boppy lounger. 
    • You like your Soothies pacifiers and you hate gumdrop pacifiers. 
    • You like white noise (the same mountain river sound as your big brother).
    • You like your Baby K'tan carrier. 
Fun Moments, Favorite Notes, Lainey Quirks + Milestones:
  • You found out the real meaning of what it is to be a little sister :) 
  •  You worked your way into our nightly bedtime routine. 
  •  You got your first bath! 
  •  You finally met all of your aunts and uncles!
  •  You got to open all of your pretty pretty presents that Auntie MaKenzie put together for you! 

And that's a pretty good little round up of your first month!  You're the greatest addition to our gang and we can't wait to see more of your personality shine through.

I love you monkey. (btw, somehow I started calling you my monkey ... your brother has oddly always been my pigeon :) and you've been deemed my monkey) I love my little zoo.
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